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Tag: Switzerland (Modern Period)

Stampfer and Zurich Talers

The Zurich goldsmith Jakob Stampfer revolutionized coin production – not only in Switzerland but in the whole known world of his time. A triple taler klippe of 1559, which will be offered by Künker on 2 February 2023, illustrates how he did it.

The Most Important Swiss Coin with the Most Beautiful City View

On 14 November 2022, Numismatica Genevensis will auction off a 20-fold Basel ducat of 1741 with the exceptional grade of MS65PL. It depicts the most beautiful Basel city view one could imagine. The estimate is CHF 600,000.

Liechtenstein 1924: Moving From the Krone to the Franc

In 1924, the Principality of Liechtenstein turned its back on the Austrian krone and adopted Switzerland’s national currency, somewhat clandestinely at first and then officially. A fairytale story of stubborn popular will.

Heavy Gold Coins – A Special Gift for Special People

Have you ever wondered why there were so many large gold coins weighing several ducats in the early modern period? We’ll show you with the help of some spectacular examples from the upcoming Numismatica Genevensis auction.

Gold, Silver, the Morgan Dollar and the Rarest Silver Crown of the Latin Monetary...

On 16 November 2021, Numismatica Genevensis will be auctioning a very important rarity: 5 francs, 1886 – the rarest silver crown of the Latin Monetary Union. Produced around the same time as the Morgan dollar, its rareness also shares the same economic and historical background: the overproduction of silver in the American town of Virginia City, Nevada.

How to Detect Counterfeits at All Times. Part 3: British Sovereigns

British sovereigns are popular collector and bullion coins – and often forged. Are you sure that all your coins are authentic? The expert Peter Zgorzynski shows in this article how counterfeit sovereigns can be identified.

The Last Years in the Life of Jacques-Antoine Dassier

On 28th January 2021, a Künker auction presents a 10-ruble piece from 1757 whose die was created by the Genevan medalist Jacques-Antoine Dassier. But this is not the only special thing about it: A small collector’s hallmark proves it once belonged to the Hutten-Czapski collection.

Historia Mundi

The Vatican coin cabinet issues an annual magazine that is a delight for aesthetes and numismatists. Ursula Kampmann presents the ninth issue. It contains, among other things, interesting items of Korean, Islamic and Swiss numismatics.

How to Detect Counterfeits at All Times. Part 1: Swiss Vreneli Coins

Are you sure that all your coins are authentic? Particularly popular collector coins are frequently counterfeited. The expert Peter Zgorzynski shows in several articles how counterfeits can be identified. Today we take a closer look at Swiss Vreneli coins.

Dried Peas Instead of Gold Bars

Shortly before the end of the war, Germany’s Foreign Office moves large quantities of gold from Berlin to the German legation in Bern. Just a few hours after Germany surrenders, the vaults are empty. The search for the Bern gold hoard begins.
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