Wednesday, 2022.11.30
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Prepare For Spring Sberatel Fair in 2022

From 25 to 26 March 2022 Sberatel Spring Fair will take place in Prague. Eventually an opportunity to meet in person! Dozens of exhibitors from all over the world will come together.

Coin Dealer Robbed with Machete

An English coin dealer was robbed as he was loading his goods into his car after the London & Midland Coin Fair. The two men threatened him and a security guard with a machete before fleeing with the loot.

World Money Fair 2022 in Berlin Cancelled

In 2022, again there will be no World Money Fair in Berlin. After numerous cancellations of exhibitors the organisers decided to cancel the event. For the second time in a row a virtual event will be realised instead.

Which Coin Fairs Will Take Place in the Winter of 2021/2022?

Here we go again: in the winter of 2021, coin fairs are once again being postponed or cancelled due to Covid. We help you to keep track.

Numismata Munich 2022 Cancelled

Again Numismata Munich won’t take place. The organiser has announced that the show scheduled for March “has to take another break in 2022” due to the development of the pandemic. However, the situation is different for later Numismata events.

How the World Money Fair 2022 Will Look Like

The World Money Fair is scheduled to take place in Berlin in January 2022. Can such a large-scale event be successful in the current situation? The fair has now presented their concept of how to ensure the security of all attendees and participants.

New York International Numismatic Convention 2022 is Moving

The 50th annual New York International Numismatic Convention will move its location. From 13th to 16th January 2022 the NYINC will take place in the InterContinental Barclay hotel as the Grand Hyatt remains closed due to the impact of the Covid pandemic.

Long Beach Expo Coin Show September 2021 Is Back

The Long Beach Expo will take place from 30th September through 2nd October 2021. As the pandemic is not yet over, the organizers try to ensure the safety through a rigid safety protocol.

Stockholm Numismatica 2021

Stockholm Numismatica, Sweden’s largest coin fair, will take place on 3rd October 2021. For the first time the event will be combined with an auction to make this weekend even more attractive for collectors and dealers.

Which Coin Shows Can Collectors Visit in the Autumn of 2021?

Many collectors eagerly await the moment in which they will finally be able to meet friends and colleagues at a coin fair again. And coin show organisers feel the same. But how safe is this in the Covid autumn 2021? We asked around.