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Tag: Bank of England

Cartoons, From Caricatures to Christmas

The Bank of England has been the subject of satirical and political cartoons, but did you know that many staff members have been cartoonists themselves? Read about some of the cartoons in the Bank of England collection!

Humphry Morice: Slave Trader, Embezzler of the Bank

One of the main actors in the 18th century Atlantic slave trade was Humphry Morice. He was also Governor of the Bank of England and not the only wealthy businessman to be linked to both businesses as Matthew David Mitchell explains.

Bank of England Talk: The British £50 Note Through Time

The Bank of England regularly offers Online Talks. Curator Kirsty Parsons will take you on a journey as she explores the £50 note through time.

Surprising Number of Polymer £5 and £10 Banknotes Replaced Due to Damage

New information pertaining to Bank of England polymer notes has surfaced in which their lifespan has been put into question. The Bank of England has reported that nearly 50 million polymer notes have had to be replaced since they were launched due to wear and tear.

The Bank of England: 325 Years, 325 Objects

The Bank of England will celebrate its 325th anniversary this July with a story-filled exhibition. Objects include banknote designs, the earliest notes and 19th century forgeries. Also featured: The newly-commissioned floral banknote sculpture by artist Justine Smith.

Bank of England unveils personality to be featured on next generation £50 polymer banknote

Alan Turing will be featured on the new British £50 polymer note. He unveiled the secret of the German Enigma encryption, was one of the most important pioneers of theoretical computer science and was chemically castrated by the British Government in order to cure his homosexual orientation.
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