Switzerland Issues the New 100-Franc Note

100-franc notes being withdrawn from an ATM. Photo: SNB.
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Issuance of the new 100-franc note started on 12 September. The complete version of the Swiss National Bank’s ‘Swiss Banknotes’ app is now also available. It has been updated to include the 100-franc note and features information on all six new denominations.

Banknotes from ninth series. Photo: SNB.

The New 100-Franc Note Completes the Ninth Series of Swiss Banknotes

The SNB launched the first denomination in the new banknote series on 6 April 2016. The new 100-franc note is the sixth denomination in the new series and brings the issuance of the ninth banknote series to a close. All notes from the eighth banknote series remain legal tender until further notice.

The ninth series, designed by Manuela Pfrunder and printed by Orell Füssli Security Printing Ltd, guarantees that the traditionally high security standards of Swiss banknotes are maintained and offers robust protection against counterfeiting. The new notes use a substrate – Durasafe – which was specially developed for the ninth series by high-security paper manufacturer Landqart.

This substrate made it possible to integrate a range of innovative security features into the design. The new series equips Switzerland with modern banknotes that are even more secure than the previous generation.

App Featuring the Swiss Banknotes

The app, which has been downloaded some 123,000 times, can be obtained free of charge from the Apple and Google Play app stores. Anyone who has already downloaded the software can update it via the relevant app store. The app explains in an engaging way key information on the security features and interesting details about the design.

Banknotes from ninth series. Photo: SNB.

The augmented reality app operates with the camera of a smartphone or tablet. When the device’s camera is positioned over a new banknote, the app displays the note’s various security features and design elements. It is also possible to view details of the individual features in close-up, or watch a short video clip. The app works in conjunction with printed or electronic banknote images as well. Although the app helps users to explore the new banknotes, it cannot be used to test if a note is genuine.

The app can be run on either the iOS (Apple) or Android (Google) operating system and is available in both smartphone and tablet versions (Apple: iPhone 4S or newer and for iPad; Google: for high-performance devices running Android 4.1 or later). It is available in English, French, German and Italian.


Many information on the Swiss banknotes offers the SNB-Website in the cash section.

Looking for an introduction to the app? Watch this short video:



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