Thursday, 2022.09.29
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Tag: Switzerland

Bern Displays Ancient Silver Coin Hoard

The Bernisches Historisches Museum shows current archaeological finds from the Bern area in Switzerland. Among them is a hoard of Celtic and Roman silver coins.

“Timemachine” Commemorates Switzerland’s Watchmaking Industry

For the first time, Swissmint has issued a 25 franc gold coin. The coin is dedicated to the Swiss watchmaking industry, which is highly respected around the world.

Swiss Finance Museum Presents “Banks in Transition”

The Swiss Finance Museum in Zurich shows in a special exhibition how banks have changed from their origins to the current, digital trends in banking: from counters to apps.

The Treasure in the Jam Jar. The Gold of Morez

Rumours about a treasure in the house of the Jobez family had been around for a long time in the village of Morez located in the French Jura. But no one believed it. Now the doubters have been proven wrong: gold coins and bars have brought a windfall to the town.

10 Years of SINCONA AG Zurich – A Numismatic Commemorative Publication

One article for every year of its existence: SINCONA can be proud of the Festschrift it has published as a present for itself and its customers on the occasion of the company’s 10th anniversary. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

New Special Exhibition “Sports & Money” at Swiss Finance Museum

Sport is not just fun and sweating: in Switzerland it contributes more to the country’s gross domestic product than agriculture! Currently, Swiss Finance Museum examines the financial dimension of sports using historical securities and real, unusual sporting articles.

Swiss Shooting Thalers – The Chinese Edition

The first edition of Jürg Richter’s catalogue of all Swiss shooting thalers and shooting medals was published in 2005. Now, there is already a third edition, this time in Chinese and English. Ursula Kampmann takes a look at it.

News From Swissmint

Last week Swissmint informed its clients about the current situation regarding commemorative coins. There are fundamental changes and, due to COVID-19, also some postponements. We summarised the most important facts.

Edwin Tobler (1922-2020)

Edwin Tobler, the great connoisseur of Swiss numismatics died on 14 March 2020. The modest and reserved collector had a decisive influence on Swiss numismatics by means of his publications. Ursula Kampmann commemorates him.

The End of an Era: Kurt Wyprächtiger Steps Down

For 40 years, Kurt Wyprächtiger curated the numismatic collection at the Museum zu Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen. From the unorganised material that he was confronted with when he started the job in 1980 he built up a systematic coin collection. Now, he steps down.