Customize Your £0 Souvenir Note

Museums, tourist places, zoos, leisure parks and more can customize their own £0 Souvenir Note for their visitors.
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Sterling Souvenir Note Ltd launched the £0 Souvenir Note in Great Britain. These are real notes with the image of tourist sites such as museums, zoos or animal parks, aquariums, classified Heritage sites, tourist towns, leisure parks, tourist offices, castles, sports events, people, company’s museum, national monuments, etc. Such notes have become a bestseller souvenir worldwide in most continental tourist sites.

Tourist sites can print their own lettering and image on the new Souvenir Notes.

Where Does the Idea of the £0 Souvenir Note Come From?

The original concept was conceived in 1996 as a souvenir medal in partnership with La Monnaie de Paris. In 2015 Richard Faille pushed forward this famous idea and created the concept of the €0 Souvenir Note. Tourists were immediately taken up by these notes, and soon it became extremely popular in tourist hot spots. Since then more and more tourist sites have created their own Souvenir Note(s), 2,000+ up today, and collectors look forward to these new souvenir notes.

The £0 Souvenir Notes feature multiple security features just like real banknotes.

Can the £0 Souvenir Note Be Easily Counterfeited?

Sterling Souvenir Note Ltd creates new-minted £0 souvenir notes for the Great Britain market (and Northern Ireland via the Irish Licensee). The Souvenir Note has multiple components and security features as the real banknotes such as hologram, watermark, microtext, numbering, tactile marks, security thread, UV ink and more.

The most interesting part is the light area chalked for a customization space. It’s also possible to add a QR code to lead right to the museum’s website or the online shop. The company then advises buyers on the design of their £0 Souvenir Note. “Based on a high definition visual, the company’s Design Department will design the graphics of the customer’s future £0 Souvenir Note by renovating the image and adapting it to the specifics of fiduciary printing. A proof is sent to you for validation before printing your order”, says a spokesperson for Sterling Souvenir Note Ltd. The know-how, the machinery and specific equipment owned by the printing company make it possible to create high-end and high-quality notes.


For further information, visit the website of Sterling Souvenir Note Ltd.

The 0 Euro Souvenir Notes can be found online as well.

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