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Tag: Zero euro notes

Which 0-Euro Souvenir Notes Are True Rarities?

The popular 0-euro souvenir notes have been around since 2015. Our expert numiscontrol takes stock and examines which issues are mass-produced and which banknotes are true rarities.

A Close Look at Great Britain’s £0 Souvenir Notes

Since 2021, Great Britain has its own souvenir notes. As an expert for 0 euro notes, our author numiscontrol wanted to know exactly how £0 notes are different from their European siblings. He even employed UV light to spot the differences.

Customize Your £0 Souvenir Note

Sterling Souvenir Note Ltd has launched £0 souvenir notes in Great Britain. After 0 Euro notes have become a popular tourist souvenir and collector item, now the United Kingdom tourist sites can customize their own note for their visitors. Will this become a new area of interest?

0 CHF Banknotes Made in Switzerland – A New Field of Collection

Since 2017, there have been 0 CHF souvenir banknotes. Compared to the field of 0 euro banknotes, the quantity of issued notes is rather small. Thus, it may be a good moment to enter this field of collection! Our author numiscontrol knows what you have to keep in mind.

Historical Coins On Finland’s 0 Euro Banknotes

Are you a coin collector, not a banknote collector? Finland’s new 0 euro banknotes combine both passions: three series are dedicated to the country’s rulers and presidents – and feature their coins. Our author numiscontrol presents the new issues.

Errors on zero euro notes. Part 2

Errors, failures and bad luck – that is what Numiscontrol discovers taking a look at the popular zero euro notes. Actually, this is a good thing for collectors, but in this overview, he takes the liberty to make a few critical remarks.
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