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Roman Empire

The temple of Zeus Hypsistos on Mount Gerizim near Neapolis

Present-day Nablus in Palestine had an intriguing history in antiquity. On near-by Mount Gerizim an old sanctuary of the Samaritans was situated which the Greeks and Romans re-interpreted and dedicated to Zeus. Only coins bear witness of the former significance of the temple.

Roman Coins from the Mint of Milan

In Auction 43 of Münzen and Medaillen GmbH a collection of Roman imperial coins minted in Milan will be on offer (Lots 460-529). Here you will learn more about the issues of this mint.

In the emperor’s service – the legions

Do you sometimes dream of visiting the epoch when Roman legions dominated the world, in the same way as the time traveller of H. G. Wells? Of course it is impossible, but modern re-enactment gives you quite a good idea of what the soldiers once accomplished.

Postumus – The creator of the Gallic Empire

Alemanni, Juthungi, Franks, and Sassanians attack the Roman world. Postumus seizes the moment and establishes the Gallic Empire. We will tell the story of his coins on the basis of a comprehensive special collection which will be sold at the upcoming Jacquier Auction.

The Son of Divine Caesar

Two rare aurei of the Gorny & Mosch sale from Augustus’ early years obtained impressive prices. Yet as intriguing as the two coins is the history of the man who minted them: Octavian better known as Augustus.

Coins of Lucilla ‘born to the purple’

Lucilla Augusta was very special at her time: not only was she the daughter of emperor Marcus Aurelius, but at the same time she was his co-emperor’s wife. Claire Franklin illustrates by Lucilla’s coin designs how she lived her role.

A donative of Constantine the Great

This impressive piece belongs to a small series of silver medallions celebrating the vicennalia of Constantine II, the eldest surviving son of Constantine the Great, in 336.

A fresh interpretation of the Portland Vase as depiction of the first wedding on earth

An ancient cameo vase has recently appeared on the market. It does not only captivate by its beauty. It resembles another famous object, the Portland Vase whose interpretation had been controversially debated for a long time. But a closer look at the “new finding” permits a deeper understanding of the Portland Vase as well.

Globalisation in Roman times: Trade with India

In the upcoming auction of Künker on 13 March 2017, several interesting aurei are going to be put to auction. They are Indian imitations of Roman gold coins, which bespeak the close trade relations between Rome and the Indian subcontinent.

The First Marcomannic War of Marcus Aurelius

In the middle of the 2nd century AD the tribe of the Goths left its native homeland. The tribesmen moved southwards and expelled other people from their homes who in their turn tried to find new land further south. One of these tribes were the Marcomanni.

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