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Roman Empire

Gods Unto Themselves? Augustus and Caligula

The image of the Temple of Augustus on the sestertii of Caligula is among the most beautiful architectural motifs found on Roman coins. In its upcoming auction, Numismatica Genevensis is offering the finest known specimen of this fascinating issue.

The sacred year of the Pagans – the Saecular Games

When the Pope declares a jubilee year, he stands in a tradition which is almost as old as Christianity itself. It was Augustus who created the practice of absolving mankind when nobody was still alive of those who had witnessed the beginning of the previous saeculum...

The ‘Modest Aphrodite’ from Nysa-Scythopolis (Beth Shean) and Ptolemais (Akko)

A comparison between a statue of Aphrodite found at Beth Shean and a coin type from the mint of Ptolemais reminds us of the realistic nature of statues appearing on city coins.

Taxes for Rome

Hands up anyone who hasn’t come to be annoyed by the tangled mass of regulations accompanying our tax collection. Perhaps at different times, the situation had been better… Perhaps in Rome?

The usurper Proculus and his coinage

Umberto Moruzzi and Fabio Scatolini will tell you the story of the Roman usurper Proculus of whom we have only two coins left. Both items were hotly discussed and if you want to learn about the coins’ authenticity and 15 century fantasy coins, read this article.

Pilgrim’s Ring and Coin of the Jewish War

This is the story of a ring, bought from an Arab in Jerusalem, the feasts of Shavout and Sukkot and a coin of the Jewish War...

Sestos and Abydos, Hero and Leander: a Love Story in Coinage

Through the images on their coins ancient cities reflected on what they believed to constitute their identity. For that purpose two cities situated on the Hellespont strait in Asia Minor chose a moving love story with a tragic ending.

Alexander of Abonuteichos – a lesson from Asia Minor about gullibility in the 2nd cent. A. D.

You are one of those people who believe than there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy? Well, you are in accordance with a deep-seated tradition and can appeal to the fact that already in antiquity there were people who thought the same as you. ..


In A. D. 107, Rome was celebrating a huge triumph. Emperor Trajan had returned from his successful campaign against the Dacians. Not only coins recall his victory but likewise a tiny emission of rare medallions one of which will be auctioned off as part of sale #224 of Gorny & Mosch to be conducted on 13 October, 2014.

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