ANS Starts “Greatest Coins” Video Series

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The American Numismatic Society announced the “Greatest Coins” video series. In this series, short videos realized by the ANS’s curatorial team will examine coins in the American Numismatic Society’s collection, carefully selected for their historical fame and significance. Intended for a wide audience of experts and non-experts alike, these videos will feature multimedia materials that contribute not only to the understanding of the historical and cultural context in which the selected coins were produced, but also to their reception history.

The videos will be released on a monthly basis. In the first episode of the series (already available online), Assistant Curator of Roman Coins, Dr. Lucia Carbone, looks at what is probably the most celebrated Roman coin, the EID MAR (Ides of March) denarius.

This coin was struck under the authority of Julius Caesar’s main assassin, Marcus Junius Brutus, in 43-42 BCE, to commemorate Caesar’s assassination on the Ides of March 44 BCE. Shortly after, Brutus died on the battlefield, sealing the end of the Republic. In the second episode (available at the end of November), Assistant Curator of the Americas, Dr. Jesse Kraft, discusses the Brasher Doubloon. The coin was struck by New York goldsmith, Ephraim Brasher in 1787, possibly as a trial piece to present to the New York State legislature in his attempt to receive a contract to produce coins on a large scale. Though he never received a contract, the Brasher Doubloon is considered the first gold coin struck in the United States.


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