Friday, 24.09.2021
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Tag: Roman Republic

The Roman Republican Die Project Database Is Online

The first significant data upload for the ANS’s Roman Republican Die Project is completed. The database is searchable and focuses on Roman Republican coinage (509 BCE–27 BCE). You can try it for yourself – it’s completely free!

Roman Coin Treasure From Chianti Shines in Exhibition

It was a spectacular find: During an archaeological excavation in summer 2015, a vase came up containing almost 200 Roman silver coins. This major discovery tells much about the time after the Battle of Actium and is now on exhibition in Siena.

Conference on the “Coinage of the Roman Provinces before Provincial Coinage”

The American Numismatic Society dedicates a conference to the coinage covered by the R. B. Witschonke Collection, discussing thus the phenomenon of local coinage and economy.

How Do We Even Know When The Battle at Marathon Took Place?

On 22nd March 2021, Künker will be auctioning off an extensive collection of coins of Roman Alexandria. Among them are 14 specimens of the zodiac series of Antoninus Pius. These pieces tell us something about how we know when events took place in ancient history.

Golden Age: Collecting the 12 Caesars in Gold Aurei

To possess the first emperors of Rome, the Twelve Caesars, in gold has been the dream of many collectors for centuries. David Michaels gives you a guide to assembling this highly coveted golden set. And CNG’s Triton Auction will be an ideal starting resp. arrival point.

ANS Starts “Greatest Coins” Video Series

The American Numismatic Society launched the Greatest Coins video series. On a monthly basis, famous coins of historical importance in the ANS’s collection will be examined. The first video tells the story of the most celebrated Roman coin, the EID MAR denarius.

A New Record! The Most Expensive Roman Coin of All Time

There’s a new holder of the title ‘most expensive Roman coin of all time’. With a hammer price equivalent to almost 3 million euros, the new number one leaves the previous record holder, which was sold for 1.3 million euros, far behind.

The Holy Grail of Ancient Numismatics: “Eid Mar” in Gold

Few ancient coins are as legendary as Brutus’ “Eid Mar”. The conspirator against Caesar issued the silver coin featuring the iconic cap of liberty and two daggers. Only two specimens in gold were known. Now a third aureus will be offered in auction by Roma Numismatics.

Richard Schaefer’s Archive Is Now in the ANS Roman Republican Die Project

The ANS Roman Republican Die Project aims at providing a precise quantification of the monetary production during the Roman Republic. Now Richard Schaefer’s extensive archive of Roman Republican die studies are being integrated in the ANS platform.

Help Making the US Reconsider Import Restrictions on All Roman Coins!

The US State Department plans to extend their import restrictions on all (!) Roman coins with the renewal of the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the United States and Italy. Let’s try to prevent this by commenting and make our voices heard!