Saturday, 15.05.2021
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ANS Lyceum: A New Online Educational Program

The American Numismatic Society offers a new online educational program: ANS Lyceum. Participants are introduced into a specific subject through interactive lectures and discussion sessions with ANS curators. This program does not require any prior knowledge.

Conference on the “Coinage of the Roman Provinces before Provincial Coinage”

The American Numismatic Society dedicates a conference to the coinage covered by the R. B. Witschonke Collection, discussing thus the phenomenon of local coinage and economy.

ANS Receives NEH Funds For OXUS-INDUS Project

The National Endowment for the Humanities funds the OXUS-INDUS Project with $150,000. The two-year joint ANS - Oxford University project researches the Graeco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek coinage.

ANS Gala 2021 Will Be Held Virtually

The American Numismatic Society announced that on Thursday, January 14, 2021, it will hold its annual Gala celebration, virtually, in memory of benefactors Mark and Lottie Salton. The Gala will be open, via Zoom, to members of the Society and their guests.

$20,000 For the Best Book on Ancient Numismatics

$20,000 is the prize money of the new Collier Prize in Ancient Numismatics. The American Numismatic Society has created this prize to be awarded biennially to the best single- or multi-authored publication in the field of ancient numismatics.

ANS Starts “Greatest Coins” Video Series

The American Numismatic Society launched the Greatest Coins video series. On a monthly basis, famous coins of historical importance in the ANS’s collection will be examined. The first video tells the story of the most celebrated Roman coin, the EID MAR denarius.

2020 Archer M. Huntington Award Goes to Sydney F. Martin

The American Numismatic Society presents its 2020 Archer M. Huntington Award for Excellence in Numismatic Scholarship to Sydney F. Martin, an expert in Colonial numismatics. The award ceremony will be available to attend virtually.

Ute Wartenberg Becomes First Female ANS President

Ute Wartenberg will be the first female President of the American Numismatic Society taking over from Sydney F. Martin. This and more news from the Society’s Board of Trustees was announced at the 163rd Annual Meeting of the ANS on October 24, 2020.

Richard Schaefer’s Archive Is Now in the ANS Roman Republican Die Project

The ANS Roman Republican Die Project aims at providing a precise quantification of the monetary production during the Roman Republic. Now Richard Schaefer’s extensive archive of Roman Republican die studies are being integrated in the ANS platform.

“The Planchet” Is The New Podcast of the American Numismatic Society

Podcasts are popular, not only since the COVID-19 outbreak. The American Numismatic Society has started their own podcast to entertain you: “The Planchet” is recorded for non-specialists and professionals alike presenting stories and histories of currency and medals.