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Votive Coinage from Gandhāran Shrines

In a valley in northwestern Pakistan, for over 700 years, a cluster of shrines minted hundreds of varieties of their own votive coinage – a unique case in Central and South Asia. A new book describes the obscured history of this fascinating aspect of Asian numismatics.

ANS Chairman’s Fellowships for Numismatic Research

The American Numismatic Society launched a new fellowship programme for their members to financially support numismatic research.

Apply for the ANS Summer Seminar in Numismatics 2023

Are you an advanced student or PhD candidate looking for a way to get a grip on numismatics? Apply now for the eight-week ANS Summer Seminar, taught by ANS staff and guest lecturers!

ANS is Guinness World Records Partner

The American Numismatic Society has been named a partner of Guinness World Records. Read on what this means.

New Online Research Tool for Bactrian Indo-Greek Coinage

“Bactrian Indo-Greek Rulers” (BIGR) is a new online typology and research tool for ancient Graeco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek coinage. It was launched by the American Numismatic Society and the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents at Oxford University.

Heritage Auctions Receives ANS’s 2023 Trustees’ Award

Heritage Auctions will be the recipient of the American Numismatic Society‘s 2023 Trustees’ Award. The auction house will be honored at the 2023 ANS Gala.

David Hendin to Receive the 2022 Burnett Anderson Award

David Hendin is awarded the 2022 Burnett Anderson Award for Excellence in Numismatic Writing. Hendin is a renowned expert of weights and currency of the ancient Levant and author of 18 books, including his “Guide to Biblical Coins”.

Sophia D. Kremydi Receives 2021 ANS Huntington Award

The American Numismatic Society has given the 2021 Archer Milton Huntington Medal Award to Dr. Sophia D. Kremydi. Kremydi is renowned for her research on the ancient economies and material culture of Northern Greece.

Nathan Elkins to Become New ANS Deputy Director

The American Numismatic Society will have a new Deputy Director. Nathan T. Elkins, currently Associate Professor of Art History, will be taking over this position in summer 2022.

ANS Created Chair of Roman Numismatics in Honor of Andrew M. Burnett

The American Numismatic Society has established the Andrew M. Burnett Chair of Roman Numismatics. The chair curator will oversee the continuing development of ANS online resources.
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