American Medal of the Year 2022

“Save Our Planet from Covid-19” by Keiko Kubota-Miura has won the 2022 American Medal of the Year Award.
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The American Medallic Sculptors Association (AMSA) has announced that Keiko Kubota-Miura has won the 2022 American Medal of the Year (AMY) award for her innovative work titled “Save Our Planet from Covid-19.”

Keiko Kubota-Miura describes her work as “a self-portrait medal when NY was in the Covid-19 epidemic, and I am the plant growing strong with others in the midst of it. Our lives must also change to protect this planet of ours. And live in symbiosis with all things, solid and alive, not defeated by Covid-19 – Save Our Planet.”

“Save Our Planet” is 6” x 6” x 3”; Keiko delineates its production as follows: “The medal is made from a sheet of copper, made into a round shape with a hammer and chisel. The plants inside and the club-shaped spikes of Covid-19 are made from copper rods. The shapes are assembled by soldering and electric welding. The natural oxidized color of the copper is created during the production process, after which each piece is patinated in hues of dark brown and greenish-blue, and finally 24K gold leaf is applied.

While similar medals by Keiko sell for thousands of dollars, she has agreed to make up to 10 duplicates of “Save Our Planet,” priced at just $999 each plus $25 shipping. Orders and information can be obtained by contacting Ms. Kubota-Miura via email or (347) 513-0138. Note that since each medal must be hand assembled, each medal will be slightly different and unique.

The two other finalists are civil rights leader “John Lewis” by Jim Licaretz, 3 1/2 inches cast in bonded bronze and priced at $75.00 plus $7 shipping, and “Pandemic Selfie,” 4 x 2 inches cast in hydro-stone and hand-painted, by Eva Wohn, priced at $65 plus $7 shipping. To order, contact Licaretz via email or (310) 686-0920, or Wohn via email or (202) 341-3301.

All 39 AMY entries will be pictured in the next full color issue of AMSA’s Members Exchange. Art medal collectors and designers are invited to learn about and join the American Medallic Sculpture Association.

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