Thursday, 2022.10.06
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Tag: Medals

Mehmet the Conqueror

In his book, Christopher Eimer documents the close relationship between the Ottoman Empire and Italy in the early Renaissance by means of a medal that features the youthful portrait of Mehmet the Conqueror. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

A Review of 500 Years of Medal Art in Lithuania and Poland

At the XI Baltic Medal Triennial “Medal Art in Lithuania and Poland – 500 years” medals from 71 artists were exhibited. Jurgita Ludavičienė presents this exhibition, which you can still enjoy through a digital catalogue.

American Medal of the Year 2022

The American Medallic Sculptors Association has announced the winner of the 2022 American Medal of the Year Award. The Covid-19 pandemic was the dominant motif.

How to Help Ukrainians By Buying Collectibles

There are many projects to help Ukrainians in this difficult time. Some of them raise funds through special collectible issues. We present two of them, a banknote from the Czech Republic and a medal by the Jewish-American Hall of Fame.

Why This Is the Only Gold Comitia Americana Medal in Private Hands

Stack’s Bowers Galleries offers a unique gold Daniel Morgan at Cowpens medal. It is the only gold Comitia Americana medal in private hands and was assumed to have been lost or melted. After decades it has reappeared and opened a new chapter of its exciting life.

The Mel Wacks Judaica Art Medal Award 2020/2021

At FIDEM Tokyo 2020/2021 the two winners of the Mel Wacks Judaica Art Medal Award have been announced. The award is given for Judaic, Biblical or Holy Land themes.

Nudes at the Time of the French Third Republic

Medals reflect contemporary history, as demonstrated by the W. Risse Collection ‘Nuditas in nummis’. Johannes Nollé reveals the connection between the art of the 19th century and the plaques produced by French medallists from 1870 to 1940.

St. Peter’s Basilica On Coins and Medals

When, in 1506, a new St. Peter’s basilica was initiated, this project was commemorated on numerous coins and medals. The online exhibition “Super hanc petram” by the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana tells the history of this reconstruction through coins and medals.

Army Flying Museum Shows Mass Art Installation of Mini Medals

The Army Flying Museum in the UK invited people from all over the country to help the museum create a mass art installation which has been inspired by their own medal collection. A most unusual mini medal exhibition will amaze even avid medal collectors.

What Makes an Art Medal a Great Art Medal?

Was the vote on the 2021 American Medal of the Year influenced by what can be called zeitgeist? Ursula Kampmann dared to raise this question in her editorial. Find here the answers of two eminent members of the jury involved: Mel Wacks and Philip Atwood.