Friday, 25.06.2021
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Tribute to the Baltic states: Latvia issues three new commemorative coins

...cultural nation: writing a grammar of the Latvian language and putting together a Latvian–German and German–Latvian dictionary. Old Stenders’ most outstanding work is his “Book of High Wisdom on the... (23 Treffer im Text)

Latvia issues 2 euro coin featuring nesting stork

...circulation coins, has been restored to live again on the new 2 euro commemorative coin struck in Lithuania by UAB Lietuvos monetu kalykla. The stork and Latvia In Latvia, storks... (23 Treffer im Text)

‘Cat’s Mill’: Latvia’s Coin of the Year 2019

The collector coin ‘Cat’s Mill” dedicated to the literary work of the Latvian poet, prose-writer and politician Kārlis Skalbe (1879–1945) has been voted Latvia’s Coin of the Year 2019 in... (20 Treffer im Text)

“Smith Forges in the Sky” named Latvia’s Coin of the Year 2017

...said Janis Blums. Latvia is proud of its coin design created over more than 25 years. Latvian banknotes and coins, with over 50 best Latvian artists having participated in designing... (21 Treffer im Text)

Latvia to issue new collector coin ‘Silver Salmon’ of lats. Many of the Latvians call it lasitis, the Latvian endearment for salmon, for it is the Latvian salmon, lasis, whose image has been adorning the reverse of... (19 Treffer im Text)

Latvia issues silver coin produced with historical electrotypes

...light of virtue and chaste upon everything around her. Large coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia designed by Rihards Zarins. Source. Wikipedia. After World War I, when Latvia... (19 Treffer im Text)

Latvia issues collector coin Rudolfs Blaumanis

...The coin is dedicated to Rudolfs Blaumanis, one of the most distinguished and famous writers in the history of Latvia. Latvia / 1 lats / silver .925 / 22g /... (17 Treffer im Text)

German mint strikes 400 million new euro coins for Latvia

...Four denominations of Latvia’s new euro coins: 2 euros, 1 euro, 50 cents, 5 cents. © Staatliche Münze Baden-Württemberg. The Latvian euro coins will feature the Latvian maiden from the... (17 Treffer im Text)

Latvian Collector Coin “Riga Technical University”

...of World War I, the Institute was evacuated to Moscow to operate there until 1918. As the Latvian independent statehood consolidated, the Higher School of Latvia was founded on the... (16 Treffer im Text)

Collector coin honors most influential Latvian couple

...became the leading figures in the New Current movement and are inextricably linked to a time of radical change around 1900, not only in Latvia. Latvia / 5 Euros /... (16 Treffer im Text)