14th Coin Constellation 2020: Here Are the Winners

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“Coin Constellation” is the only international coin contest held in Russia. It’s organizer is the Water Mark Publishing House. The contest is attended by leading mints of the world, national and commercial banks, coin distribution companies. In 2020, 26 participants from 17 countries presented their coins from 2019.

The winning coins were determined by absentee voting of the international expert jury members based on the images and descriptions of the coins submitted by the contestants. The jury consists of experts from world-famous museums and auction houses, representatives of numismatic associations and specialized publications about coins from different countries

In 2020, the participants of “Coin Constellation” were:

–           national banks: Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Bank of Latvia, National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, National Bank of Poland, National Bank of the Republic of Abkhazia, National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Central Bank of Armenia, Central Bank of Hungary;

–           mints: Moscow Mint and St. Petersburg Mint-branches of Goznak JSC (Russia), ART MINT (France), CIT Coin Invest AG (Liechtenstein), Hungarian Mint, Italian Mint, Kazakhstan Mint, Royal Australian Mint, Royal Dutch Mint, Polish Mint, Paris Mint, Lithuanian Mint, Gdansk Mint (Poland), Royal Belgian Mint;

–           well-known coin distributors: Numiartis (Germany), Power Coin (Italy), Allcollect GmbH (Germany).

The jury determined the winners of the “Coin Constellation-2020”, as well as the coins that took second and third places in nine main categories. The tenth nomination “People’s Choice Award” was determined by the results of voting on the portal www.Gold10.ru.

These are the winners of the “Coin Constellation-2020” Contest in the various categories:

Image: CIT Coin Invest.

Unique concept

“Estacado Meteorite” (CIT Coin Invest AG, Liechtenstein), minted by the B. H. Mayer mint (Germany).

Image: Bank of Latvia.

Best Artistic Solution

“Niklāvs Strunke” (Bank of Latvia), minted by the Lithuanian Mint.

Image: Mint of Poland.

Original Technology

“Ave, Caesar!” (Mint of Poland).

Image: Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Best Circulating Coin

“75th Anniversary of the Full Liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi Blockade” (Central Bank of the Russian Federation), minted by the Moscow mint, which is a branch of Goznak JSC.

Image: IPZS.

Coin Classic

“Italy of the Arts – Milan Cathedral” (Italian Mint).

Image: National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

Souvenir Coin

“Year of the Rat” (National Bank of the Republic of Belarus), minted by the Polish Mint.

Image: Bank of Latvia.

Silver Coin of the Year

“Freedom Fights (1918-1920)” (Bank of Latvia), minted by the Lithuanian Mint.

Gold Coin of the Year

“Mona Lisa” (Paris Mint).

Image: IPZS.

Coin of the Year

“50 Anniversary of the Moon Landing” (Italian Mint).

The People’s Choice Award went to “The world through children’s eyes. 2018”.

People’s Choice Award

“Owl” (Kazakhstan mint and the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

This list was published on the Coin Constellation website and we thank for the permission of re-publication.


You can find more information about the winning coins and the coins that came in 2nd and 3rd on the site of the Coin Constellation Contest.

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