IACA Excellence in Currency 2019 Coin Awards

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During the Coin Conference in Rome the winners of the IACA Excellence in Currency 2019 Coin Awards were announced. The Currency Awards program was designed to promote and recognize the excellence in the industry. Sponsored by Currency News and run by IACA, the International Association of Currency Affairs, the awards are open to any organization or individual supplying products, systems or services and anyone can make a nomination for a category. The 2019 awards were given to coins and products from the years 2017-2019.

The Best Coin Innovation Award was given to the Royal Canadian Mint for their tri-metal security test token.

Best Coin Innovation

1. Winner: Royal Canadian Mint: Tri-Metal Security Test Token

The token is made from 3 metallic pieces comprising one metal ring and 2 inserts each of which is approximately half the thickness of the outer ring. This novel geometry results in a coin with 2 different metals on each side and allows for an increased level of security at a cost-effective price.

Among the finalists was the Singapore Mint with a coin visual inspection machine and the promotion of coin recirculation via integrated coin processing and management.

2. The Singapore Mint: Coin Visual Inspection Machine

The machine seeks to serve 2 key purposes:

  • To sieve through coins which are acceptable for re-circulation.
  • To differentiate coins of the same specifications, but of different designs for sorting.


3. The Singapore Mint: Promotion of Coin Recirculation via Integrated Coin Processing and Management

The promotion of coin recirculation in Singapore via the introduction of coin deposit machines to the public and banks, on a 24/7 self-service basis. Recycling of coins is the process whereby coins are returned to the banks, sorted and repacked before being issued to the banks again for re-circulation.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand won the Best New Circulating Coin Related Public Education Program Award with their Armistice Day Coin Public Awareness Campaign.

Best New Circulating Coin Related Public Education Program, Website or App

1. Winner: Reserve Bank of New Zealand: Armistice Day Coin Public Awareness Campaign

The Armistice Day Coin launched with an innovative campaign which invited people to ‘SPEND IT. KEEP IT. REMEMBER.’ The campaign also had a strong educational component.

Another finalist were the Philippines with a coin education program for the new Philippine coins.

2. Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas: Coin-Ed Program for New Philippine Coins

The Coin-Ed Program utilized multiple communication channels to disseminate information aimed at increasing awareness and promoting engagement in the recirculation and proper use of the new Philippine coins.

The US Mint submitted their popular kids’ website H.I.P. Pocket Change Website.

3. United States Mint: H.I.P. Pocket Change Website

The website for kids offers a variety of educational games that may be played by children or incorporated in lesson plans by educators.

Again the Reserve Bank of New Zealand won, in the section of Best New Commemorative or Test Circulating Coin, with their Armistice Day coin.

Best New Commemorative or Test Circulating Coin

1. Winner Reserve Bank of New Zealand: Armistice Day coin

The Armistice Day Coin is the second in a two-coin series produced by the Reserve Bank to mark the centenary of World War 1. The Armistice Day Coin’s standout feature is the use of colour. After striking, a computer controlled high-speed colour pad printer added the ink which was cured by passing the coins through a furnace.

China made it among the finalists with their high-speed railway commemorative circulating coin.

2. China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation: China’s High-speed Railway Commemorative Circulating Coin

New features include multi-layer sand blasting and mirror field treatment; information security technology by recognizing the micro-text, latent image and laser dot matrix together; an opening window to show the edge of the coin and a burnishing process optimized to solve the most typical surface defect, such as the fog-like defect on the core-ring jointing area.

Another finalist was the South African Reserve Bank with a Nelson Mandela R5 commemorative coin.

3. South African Reserve Bank: Nelson Mandela R5 Commemorative coin

The commemorative R5 coin was used as an opportunity to Invest in new development and manufacturing technology which enabled SARB to explore new features such as a latent image which is visible on the reverse of the coin, whereby “1918” changes to “2018” when the coin is tilted.

As Best New Circulation Coin or Coin Series was chosen the Central Bank of Mauritania’s 20 Ouguiya coin, the world’s only circulating tricolour coin.

Best New Circulation Coin or Coin Series

1. Winner: Central Bank of Mauritania/La Monnaie de Paris

The large denomination 20 Ouguiya coin is the world’s only circulating tricolour coin. The coin consists of a central pill in solid alloy, an inner ring in stainless steel and an outer ring in solid alloy. It features the Mauritania arms and two camels.

Finalist in this section were again the Philippines with their new generation currency (NGC) coin series.

2. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas: New Generation Currency (NGC) Coin Series comprises the 10-Piso, 5-Piso, 1-Piso, 25-Sentimo, 5-Sentimo and 1-Sentimo.

The NGC Coins feature enhanced design aesthetics and security of the coins. In particular, micro-printed details using laser-engraving technology were included in the two highest denominated coins. The coins, which appear as “metallic silver”, are made from durable nickel-plated steel.

The US Mint’s “W” Quarter-Dollar Circulating Coin was another finalist.

3. United States Mint: “W” Quarter-Dollar Circulating Coin. As part of National Coin Week, the United States Mint launched a limited amount quarter-dollars with a “W” mint mark (for the West Point Mint) into circulation.

This is the very first time any circulating quarter-dollars have a “W” Mint mark. Only 1% of all circulating quarter-dollars produced in 2019 will have the “W” Mint mark. The goal of the “W” quarter-dollars is to create excitement about coin collecting.


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