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Tag: Switzerland (Contemporary)

The Impossible in Silver: Swissmint’s “Illusion – The Bridge of Life”

Swissmint issues a new 20 Francs silver coin on 29th April 2021. “Illusion – The Bridge of Life” is dedicated to one of the best-known works of Swiss trompe-l’oeil artist Sandro Del-Prete.

Swissmint Lands Twice in the Guinness Book of Records

Not one but two coins by Swissmint made it into the Guinness Book of Records. Swissmint can be proud to mint the coin with the oldest design still in circulation. The mint also issued the world’s smallest commemorative coin with its 1/4 franc commemorative coin. Congratulations on the record!

0 CHF Banknotes Made in Switzerland – A New Field of Collection

Since 2017, there have been 0 CHF souvenir banknotes. Compared to the field of 0 euro banknotes, the quantity of issued notes is rather small. Thus, it may be a good moment to enter this field of collection! Our author numiscontrol knows what you have to keep in mind.

How to Detect Counterfeits at All Times. Part 3: British Sovereigns

British sovereigns are popular collector and bullion coins – and often forged. Are you sure that all your coins are authentic? The expert Peter Zgorzynski shows in this article how counterfeit sovereigns can be identified.

Swissmint Honours Friedrich Dürrenmatt

On 21st January 2021, the Federal Mint Swissmint will launch a new commemorative coin dedicated to playwright Friedrich Dürrenmatt who would have celebrated his hundredth birthday this year.

“Fox” Concludes “Swiss Forest Animals” Series

The Swissmint will launch a new commemorative coin on 21st January 2021. The bimetallic coin “fox” concludes the three-part “Swiss forest animals” series.

Switzerland’s Commemorative Coin Programme 2021

Switzerland released its commemorative coin programme for 2021. Among other things, Swissmint will honour the dramatist Friedrich Dürrenmatt and start a new series titled “Energy of the Future”. Here you can find a complete overview.

How to Detect Counterfeits at All Times. Part 1: Swiss Vreneli Coins

Are you sure that all your coins are authentic? Particularly popular collector coins are frequently counterfeited. The expert Peter Zgorzynski shows in several articles how counterfeits can be identified. Today we take a closer look at Swiss Vreneli coins.

Swissmint’s New Roger Federer Gold Coin

On 3 September 2020 Swissmint issues four commemorative coins. The new Roger Federer coin is expected to become a best-seller. After the enormous rush for the silver coins, a new gold coin features his portrait.

Swiss Coins Since 1850: Available to Browse Now on CoCo!

Our new database, ‘Cosmos of Collectibles’, is growing and thriving. It now includes all Swiss circulation coins since 1850 and commemorative coins since 1936. But we’re still missing some photos – can you help?