“Fox” Concludes “Swiss Forest Animals” Series

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On 21st January 2021, the Federal Mint Swissmint will launch a new commemorative coin for coin collectors, enthusiasts and fans. Swissmint is concluding the three-part “Swiss forest animals” series with the “fox” bimetallic coin.

Switzerland / 10 Swiss francs/ aluminium-bronze and copper-nickel / 15 g / 33 mm / Design: Naomi Giewald / Mintage: 28,000 (uncirculated), 5,500 (proof).

The expression “sly as a fox” is deeply rooted and the pointy-faced predators appear in many fables and fairy tales in the role of the clever and cunning animal. Foxes live almost everywhere, whether in warm North Africa or in cold Siberia, and they know exactly how best to find food even under difficult conditions. After the deer and the hare, the fox is the third and last motif in the three-part “Swiss forest animals” series. The obverse of the commemorative 10-franc bimetallic coin was designed by graphic artist and designer Naomi Andrea Giewald from Eastern Switzerland. In the centre of the image is a fox’s head. A fox’s paw prints can also be seen on the outer ring.

Classic coin set 2021 with Fox bimetallic coin.

New circulation coin sets

Also in January 2021, Swissmint will be issuing the new circulation coin sets in various versions with the “fox” 10-franc bimetallic coin. Alongside the popular classic “brilliant uncirculated” and “proof” versions, the birthday coin set and the much-loved baby coin set are also available.


You can find more information on the coin on the Swissmint website.

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