Tuesday, 26.10.2021
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Tag: South Africa (Contemporary)

South African Mint’s New Big 5 Coin: Leopard

The South African Mint announced the launch of the penultimate coin in the Big 5 series. The coin will be featuring the leopard and will be available in a range of different versions and metals.

South African Mint Celebrates Invention of the Retinal Cryoprobe

The South African Mint introduced the ‘South African Inventions’ theme in 2016. In 2020, another South African innovation stands out on their newest commemorative coin: the Retinal Cryoprobe, invented by Dr Selig Percy Amoils in 1965.

South African Mint Helps Saving the Rhinos

The South African Mint has launched the third coin in the Big 5 series featuring the indomitable rhino. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the coin will go towards protecting the fast decimating populations of rhinos.

South African Mint marks 25 Years of Democracy

The South African Mint unveiled the last edition in the ‘Life of a Legend – Nelson Mandela’ Protea collectable coin series. The 2019 range pays tribute to the Republic’s first democratically elected president and global icon’s legacy.

Elephant Starts Off “Big Five” Series

With its new “Big Five” series, the South African Mint celebrates Africa’s unique natural heritage. The strength and beauty of the lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo are embodied on fine-silver coins. The coins are scheduled to launch biannually.