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Tiffany Art Metropolis – London

The successful series Tiffany Art Metropolis shows big cities with a fascinating inlay made of Tiffany glass. After Rome and Paris, CIT now presents London.

CIT Honors the Steam Locomotive: “Steam Dream”

Since 2019, CIT has issued four coins in the series “The Journey” depicting icons of travel. The fifth coin, “Steam Dream,” celebrates the steam locomotive with four different finishes.

CIT’s Hunters by Night – Python

“Python” is the third issue of the award-winning CIT series “Hunters by Night”. The lifelike coloring of the snake’s eyes in combination with smartminting technology triggers primal fears – and recognition of the designers’ technical skills.

Tiffany Art Metropolis: Roma

CIT started its new Tiffany Art Metropolis series in 2021. The second coin is dedicated to Rome and is also minted with the special technology smartminting® with an Ultra High Relief and finished with an inlay of Tiffany glass.

Truck – King of the Road

Truckers are considered a mixture of cowboys and explorers. CIT has dedicated the fourth coin of the “The Journey” series to this world.

Tiffany Art Metropolis: Notre-Dame

With Tiffany Art Metropolis - Notre-Dame, CIT created a gold and a silver coin that combine smartminting® technology with Tiffany glass inlay to create a special work of art that does justice to the granular delicacy of the Gothic building of Paris’ cathedral Notre Dame.

CIT’s Hommage to Ancient Egypt: Scarab – King Tut

Scarabs were lucky charms of the ancient Egyptians. CIT added a new chapter to the history of scarabs with “Scarab – King Tut”, a three-dimensional miniature sculpture with smartminting® technology and a Swarovski element.

Coin Invest Trust’s “Magical Lamp – 1001 Nights”

CIT has dedicated “Magical Lamp – 1001 Nights” to the stories from the Arabian Nights. The motif from Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp combines elegantly an ultra high relief with delicate color application and Black Proof.

Tiffany Art Metropolis: Paris

CIT Coin Invest will issue a follow-up series of the famous Tiffany coins. The new series’ name is Tiffany Art Metropolis. Its first issue is dedicated to Paris.

CIT – Great White Shark

Due to Steven Spielberg’s film “Jaws”, the Great White Shark became a best-seller. Now, CIT Coin Invest dedicated a smartminting© coin to this phenomenon featuring a three-dimensional depiction highlighting the relationship between humans and sharks.
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