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US Coin “Moon Landing” Is Coin of the Year 2021

The US coin “50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing” is the winner of the Coin of the Year Award 2021. The concave-convex commemorative coin placed first in two categories.

50 Years Later. The Moon Landing As a Numismatic Event

On 21 July 1969, men landed on the Moon for the first time. And 50 years later, this event just had to be celebrated in coinage around the world – from America to Europe, from Australia to the tropics. A new collecting field emerged.

Armstrong’s Footprint on Italian Coin

2019 we celebrate the jubilee of the moon landing. The Italian Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato (IPZS) has released a commemorative coin, too.

Verify CAG-certified Collectibles at the CAG Website

Collectors can now visit the website of Collectibles Authentication Guaranty™ to look up CAG-certified artifacts by their certification numbers. If a potential problem with a CAG-certified artifact becomes known, the search result will include an alert.

A Gold Medal which flew to the moon

NGC certified more memorabilia from the possession of the Armstrong family, which will be auctioned off by Heritage in July 2019. Among them are gold and silver medals which flew to the moon as well as Armstrong’s teddy bear.

Spain commemorates 50 years man on the moon

The Royal Spanish Mint has issued a 10 euro silver coin to commemorate man’s arrival on the moon and the contribution of the Spanish facilities. The coin features the Spanish Lunar Module with the moon in the background.

Heritage sells memorabilia from the possession of the Armstrong Family

Matching the jubilee of the first man to walk on the moon in 1969, the second part of the Armstrong Family Collection will be sold by Heritage. It is entirely certified by Collectibles Authentication Guaranty.

A Highlight of Swiss Space Research

The Swissmint commemorates the first moon landing 50 years ago with a new silver coin. The University of Bern participated in the mission with an experiment: Before the astronaut “Buzz” Aldrin hoisted the American flag on the moon, he first hung up a Swiss solar sail.
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