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Tag: Great Britain

How UK Treasury Promotes the Use of Cash

Great Britain is planning new laws to improve access to cash. This was announced in the Queen’s Speech following a recent consultation on how important cash still is.

“Detectorists” on German and French Television

Great Britain has a new cult sitcom that is now being broadcast in many countries – also in Germany and France: “Detectorists” deals with a topic that is rather controversial in some countries: searching objects by means of a metal detector.

Discover the British Empire’s History Online

The American Numismatic Association offers a free 360-degree virtual reality tour of their Money Museum’s exhibit “Money of Empire: Elizabeth to Elizabeth” enabling coin enthusiasts to explore the history of the British Empire.

The Royal Mint to Manufacture Safety Visors for the National Health Service

The Royal Mint stepped up to modify their facilities in order to begin the manufacture of needed items – and specifically, safety face protection visors. With 15,000 visors produced a day, their pledge to produce more than 1.9 million items is on its way to fulfilment.

Numismatic Training Opportunities in the UK

The Money and Medals Network offers again numismatic training opportunities at different locations in the United Kingdom. Find out if there is an event for you coming up in the first half of 2020.

Surprising Number of Polymer £5 and £10 Banknotes Replaced Due to Damage

New information pertaining to Bank of England polymer notes has surfaced in which their lifespan has been put into question. The Bank of England has reported that nearly 50 million polymer notes have had to be replaced since they were launched due to wear and tear.

World famous detective Sherlock Holmes to be commemorated on UK coin

With a commemorative 50p the Royal Mint celebrates the 160 years since the birth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes. It will feature a design which requires a magnifying glass to read.

Money, Image and Power in Tudor and Stuart England

The new exhibition “Making a Nation” at the Fitzwilliam Museum allows visitors to explore the historic journey from medieval England to the United Kingdom. The major dynastic, political and cultural changes are traced through 250 years of coins and medals.

The Great British Coin Hunt Continues

The Royal Mint has announced that an additional 2.1 million 10p coins of the Great British Coin Hunt will enter circulation soon. The extremely popular A to Z collection showcases the best of British culture.
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