Tuesday, 19.10.2021
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New York Antiques Dealer Mallett Filed for Bankruptcy Due to Rental Arrears

The New York branch of the British antiques dealer Mallett filed for bankruptcy. Why does that affect the numismatic world? Well, it has to do with the parent company Stanley Gibbons (the owner of Baldwin’s), a major investor – and a well-known fashion brand.

Was the ANA World’s Fair of Money a “Superspreading Event”?

The World’s Fair of Money was the first big coin show to take place since the pandemic started. Now, the organisers warn: Several participants have tested positive for COVID-19. Visitors displaying symptoms are recommended to get tested.

Investment Company Blackstone Acquired Certified Collectibles Group

The investment company Blackstone has bought a majority stake in Certified Collectibles Group. Blackstone is expecting to make huge returns in the booming collectibles market. However, collectibles as a lucrative investment field is a double-edged sword.

ANA Money Museum to Deaccession Parts of Collection

The ANA’s Money Museum starts selling duplicates of its collection through eBay in June 2021. The ANA will support its museum with the revenue generated from the deaccession.

How Can You Realize a Coin Show During a Pandemic?

In 2020 nearly all coin shows were cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic. One of the first to be held again was the 70th Collectorama Show in February 2021. David Lisot was there and interviewed Edward Kuszmar about this experience.

Royal Canadian Mint Annual Report 2020

The Royal Canadian Mint published its financial results for 2020 providing insight into their activities. It tells a lot about the exceptionally strong global market demand for bullion that the mint increased its revenue in this sector by 74% in 2020.

Global Art Market Report 2021: Online Sales Exceeds General Retail

The annual Global Art Market Report 2021 reveals striking market shifts in 2020: online sales have exceeded the general retail, female collectors spent more than their male counterparts, and the USA are no more the largest global market for public auctions.

Money and Medals Training Goes Digital

The Money and Medals Network training program has gone digital. Because of the pandemic they are now being hold via Zoom. In this article Henry Flynn explains how it works and how the audience has reacted.

CNG’s Market Report: Winter 2021

Due to the Covid pandemic the coin market changed in some ways and prices have raised in many sections. Michael Gasvoda from CNG takes a closer look and shares his view on the market situation and how it may develop.

End the Museum Lockdown!

Whilst Austria's museums are allowed to open again, the Swiss and German museums have been closed for months. Directors of nineteen museums in and around Basel now call to open up again these important places of education, cultural diversity, and emotional empowerment.