Thursday, 23.09.2021
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Money & Medals Network Discusses Transport-Themed Numismatic Collections

The Money & Medals Network offers a numismatic training about transport-themed numismatic collections on 29th September 2021. This will be one of the last trainings, so seize the opportunity!

No More Money For the Money and Medals Network

The Money and Medals Network is a vital part in the British numismatic world. It connects institutions, contributes to revitalize collections, and trains people in museums. Arts Council England has decided not to continue funding.

ANA Members Vote For New President Ralph W. Ross

Dr. Ralph W. Ross will be the 62th president of the American Numismatic Association, Joseph E. Boling the new vice president. The complete Board of Governors for the period 2021-2023 was elected and sees some new members.

First Virtual Convention of Royal Canadian Numismatic Association

Since 1954, members of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association have met annually – until the pandemic in 2020. As a reaction, the association has decided to host the annual convention in July 2021 for the first time as a virtual event.

Charles Morgan Named New Executive Director of the Numismatic Literary Guild

The Numismatic Literary Guild has selected Charles Morgan, editor-in-chief of CoinWeek, to be the organization’s Executive Director. He succeeds numismatic researcher, author, and dealer Ron Guth who served in the post for three years.

PNG Now Accepting 2021 Awards Nominations

The Professional Numismatists Guild is now accepting nominations for its 2021 awards. Maybe you would like to see somebody special being honored? Find here the list of all awards and what kind of achievement they are given for – and how you can nominate your favorites!

ANA Announces Candidates for Board of Governors

Every two years the American Numismatic Association elects the president, vice president and seven governors. Here you find out who is running for President and for other offices.

Mel Wacks Steps Down as President of AINA

After 18 years as President of the American Israel Numismatic Association, Mel Wacks is stepping down. Mel is also resigning as Editor of the organization’s prize-winning magazine, “The Shekel,” after serving as Editor-in-Chief or Editor since 2013.

The Malta Numismatic Society

Malta launched a non-profit numismatic society to promote the study and collection of numismatic material and exonumia. The society wants to bring numismatists, scholars and collectors together while enriching Malta’s heritage and stimulating research.