Oriental Numismatic Society Celebrates 50th Anniversary

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To celebrate its 50th Anniversary the Oriental Numismatic Society is holding an international conference, via Zoom from 14.00–18.00 (UK time) 25–26th June 2022.

The Society was founded in 1970 by Michael Broome and has since grown into an international society with about 500 members across the world. The Society holds meetings in many countries and publishes a journal for its members four times a year. The conference proceedings will be published in the 250th issue of the Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society later this year. The conference will be opened by Pankaj Tandon, Secretary General of the Society.

Keynote Presentations

  • John Deyell (Canada) Indo-Sasanian coinages: interpretive challenges and new ways forward
  • Dai Jianbing (China) Chinese coin culture


  • François Thierry (France) The circulation and use of the bamboo tallies in Jiangsu Province by the light of the Tongcheng Company issues
  • François Joyaux (France) Cataloguing the ancient Annamese private cash
  • Amiteshwar Jha (India) Fresh light on the copper coins of Vemakis
  • Pankaj Tandon (USA) The coins in the name of Chandragupta
  • Ehsan Shavarebi (Austria) From Bishapur to Vienna: A hoard of late Sasanian drachms?
  • Aleksandr Naymark (USA) Immobilized types in Sogdian coinage
  • Stefan Heidemann (Germany) Islam Mints and Urban Dynamics – Baghdad, al-Raqqa, and Other Places
  • Sanjay Garg (India) Badshah as the Caliph: Probing caliphal pretensions of the Mughal rulers of India
  • Richard Morel (UK) A biography in banknotes: The life and career of Alfred Joseph Bull, 1876-1950
  • Michael Mitchiner (UK) Bombay tolas


The conference is open to all – follow this Zoom-link.

For more information on the conference, view the conference program and conference synopses.

Membership is open to all, for anyone interested contact the relevant Regional Secretary. For more information on the Oriental Numismatic Society, visit their website.