smartminting© – The Next Generation

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The appearance of a coin depends not only on the ability of the designer, but also on the technical possibilities available to them. For example, the relief on circulation coins, which are minted in large quantities in high-speed presses, measures just tenths of millimeters. Commemorative coins produced in low mintages can be minted with much greater care. But even then, only limited relief was possible – until CIT Coin Invest developed in cooperation with B. H. Mayer in Munich smartminting©.

The advantages of the new smartminting technology

Now, smartminting© technology has been taken even further. The new technology broadens the scope for design more than ever before in traditional coin production, because…

  • The new smartminting© technology affords 100% higher relief compared to the first generation of smartminting© coins.
  • For the first time, it is possible to mint these spectacular coins in a wide variety of metals, including gold, palladium, platinum, and copper.
  • For the first time, high relief on the obverse doesn’t have to be balanced out by a flat area on the reverse.
  • For the first time, the highest points of the design don’t have to be in the middle of the coin, but can be positioned anywhere.
  • For the first time, it is possible to produce both the high relief areas and the background in proof finish.
The 1000 Togrog Gold Majestic Eagle.

At the World Money Fair, CIT Coin Invest presented the Majestic Eagle, the first product of the new smartminting© generation, minted in gold, silver, and copper. On the reverse, which depicts the eagle’s impressive talons, it is especially evident that the designer was able to position the highest points of relief wherever they wanted. Both the obverse and reverse show impressive relief, without the highest points of the design on each side having to be coordinated. Not only the field, but also the beak and claws, exhibit the flawless finish that characterizes the quality proof.

Although the Majestic Eagle is “only” being minted in gold, silver, and copper at the moment, it is also possible to produce it in palladium and platinum.


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The new smartminting© technology means more beautiful coins for all collectors, because the variety of materials makes it possible – for the first time – to produce high-relief coins of perfect minting quality in more affordable materials.

It also means that investors no longer have to choose between valuable metal and aesthetically appealing design. Instead, investment products can be made in platinum, palladium, and of course the classic gold, with innovative smartminting© designs.

CIT Coin Invest is proud to be working in collaboration with B. H. Mayer to produce coins in a quality never before possible in the history of coinage.


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