Royal Belgian Numismatic Society Accepts Submissions For Quadrennial Prize

The Royal Belgian Numismatic Society has its official office in the Coin Cabinet in the Royal Library of Belgium. Photo: Ben2 / CC BY-SA 3.0
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The Royal Belgian Numismatic Society, a nonprofit organization under the Gracious Protection of His Majesty the King, has created an Award of the Royal Belgian Numismatic Society. Normally this award is granted every four years. However, the jury is under no obligation to attribute the award if the quality of the submitted papers is judged to be insufficient. The award was granted for the first time in 1981 and for the last time in 2018.

The award is given to the author of a scientific, original and unpublished dissertation treating a numismatic subject in the largest sense possible (coins, medals, counters, monetary technology …) or on a sigillographic of glyptographic subject. Papers must be of at least 75 pages, each of 33 lines of 60 characters. Papers in English, French, Dutch, German, Italian or Spanish will be accepted.

Two copies of the submitted papers have to be sent by registered mail by 1st November 2021 to the President of the Société Royale de Numismatique de Belgique, c/o KBR, Cabinet des Médailles, Boulevard de l’Empereur 4, B-1000 Brussels, BELGIUM. The papers have to be typed or computer printed and well edited. The same goes for the possible illustrations. The jury is composed of the members of the board of the Revue Belge de Numismatique et de Sigillographie to whom specialists can be added. There is no appeal possible against the decision of the jury. At closing day participants must be not older than 35 years. Participation is not limited by diploma, title or nationality. Members of the jury and of the board of the Society are not allowed to participate. The award consists of the sum of € 2,000 and will be presented during the General Assembly of the Society, which is held in March. The Royal Belgian Numismatic Society reserves the right to propose the winner to publish the awarded paper in the Revue Belge de Numismatique et de Sigillographie. The Board of the Society is sole competent on the interpretation or the application of this regulation.

You can find out more about the society on the Royal Belgian Numismatic Society website.