Pobjoy’s New “Climate Change” Coin

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Pobjoy Mint has released the world’s first new 12-sided £1 coin issued on behalf of the British Overseas Territory which includes all the security features of the new UK £1 coin. This special £1 coin shows an iceberg in the centre with the powerful message around it – “Climate Change – Our Greatest Threat” – a message we all need to take notice of to ensure that the Earth is preserved for everyone in the future. The obverse of the coin features an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II produced exclusively by Pobjoy Mint.

As Antarctica is the largest and most pristine wilderness on Earth, and due to the significance of the continent for science as a natural laboratory for undertaking research of global that has relevance, highlighting the effects of climate change and the threat to our world is a worthy subject for this exciting new release on behalf of the British Antarctic Territory.

British Antarctic Territory / One Pound / Base Metal / 23.43 mm / 8.75 g / Mintage: 2,750 (Base Metal), 475 (Silver).

Most human activities have some form of environmental impact and it is only by working together that we have any chance of preserving the environment for future generations. The Antarctic is a crucial part of the Earth’s climate system and a sensitive barometer of environmental change. The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has for the past 60 years been responsible for most of the UK’s scientific research in Antarctica and its current research strategy is focusing on improving our understanding of climate change.

Glaciers like this in Antarctica are endangered by the climate change. This will affect the world’s climate and human life on the planet. Photo by Jay Ruzesky on Unsplash.

Because the causes and effects of climate change are extremely complex, amalgamating all the pieces that make up the jigsaw of climate change is a huge challenge and it is by conducting world-class science in the Antarctic that the British Antarctic Survey is making a significant contribution to meeting this challenge. Understanding how Antarctica is responding to climate change is essential if scientists are going to be able to predict future climate change impacts.


For further information, visit the website of the British Pobjoy Mint.

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In this National Geographic you can read more on how the climate change affects Antarctica.

Want to see it in a film? Watch this documentary of Deutsche Welle (in English!):


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