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Italy stops producing 1- and 2-eurocents

by Annika Backe June 29, 2017 – Italy will stop minting its 1- and 2-eurocents in 2018, as a parliamentary committee has decided in May 2017. It is said that... (1 Treffer im Text)

A must-have for every library on the Middle Ages

by Ursula Kampmann translated by Annika Backe June 22, 2017 – The Coin Cabinet of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge is responsible for a huge project that makes the RIC... (1 Treffer im Text)

Egypt punishes illicit trade in antiquities with life imprisonment

by Annika Backe June 15, 2107 – On May 3, 2017, the Egyptian cabinet approved a far-reaching amendment to its antiquities laws. The sentence for the unlawful trade in ancient... (1 Treffer im Text)

Praise of coin enthusiasm or: strolling through the world of numismatics

by Björn Schöpe translated by Annika Backe May 25, 2017 – Do you know Guillaume Apollinaire’s ‘The Flâneur of Paris’? At the beginning of the 20th century, artists still took... (1 Treffer im Text)

Antiquarians and numismatics through correspondence

by Ursula Kampmann translated by Annika Backe June 8, 2017 – Why is it so important to investigate the history of research? Many a non-historian might think that what some... (1 Treffer im Text)

Gold, a new digital currency?

by Annika Backe June 8, 2017 – The world of trade and commerce has always recognized gold because of its intrinsic value and the security that comes with it. Even... (1 Treffer im Text)

Central Asian Coins: 1680-1923

by Ursula Kampmann translated by Annika Backe June 1, 2017 – There are areas in numismatics that are something for specialists. They have many advantages. One such advantage is that... (1 Treffer im Text)

Spectacular solidi hoard found in the Netherlands

by Annika Backe July 20, 2017 – The project ‘Portable Antiquities of the Netherlands’ (PAN) had been established only the previous month when, in the summer of 2016, its staff... (1 Treffer im Text)

Puzzle over Zahi Hawass

by Annika Backe May 25, 2017 – Ambassador or no ambassador, that is the question. This is what you are thinking when looking for reliable information on the current status... (1 Treffer im Text)

Icon of American numismatics passed away

by Ursula Kampmann translated by Annika Backe May 18, 2017 – When the first husband of Catherine Bullowa died more than 60 years ago, she had the choice to work... (1 Treffer im Text)