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Geo sciences as reflected in medals and coins

by Ursula Kampmann translated by Annika Backe September 3, 2015 – Whosoever holds the weighty catalog “Geowissenschaften im Spiegel von Medaillen und Münzen” (translates as “Geo sciences as reflected in... (1 Treffer im Text)

Kingold and China’s Fake Gold Reserves

The Chinese coin dealer Kingold backed loans with 83 tons of gold bars – that’s almost 5% of China’s gold reserves! However, most of the bars turned out to be... (0 Treffer im Text)

Law suit in Israel ends with acquittal of defendants

An art collector was accused of leading an international forgery ring backed up by a dealer and researcher according to the Israel Antiquities Authority. But not much of this has... (0 Treffer im Text)