Foundation of International Mint Industry Association

The IMIA logo.
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The International Mint Industry Association, founded in summer 2022, is a professional association of public and private mints and industry suppliers. Its goal is to support the mint industry by proactively promoting the availability and acceptance of cash and its future role in resilient and cost-effective national payment infrastructures and stable financial systems.

IMIA was initiated by six public and private mints. Gerhard Starsich, CEO of the Austrian Mint, is President of the Board and Marc Schwartz, Chairman & CEO of the French Mint, is Vice President of the Board, with Günther Waadt, CEO of the Bavarian Mint, is Secretary to the Board. The association being strategically, operationally and policy led by Martina Horakova, its Managing Director.

Martina Horakova – Manging Director of the IMIA.

The IMIA is now in the process of welcoming new international members to start shaping the future of cash and coins and the association as such with the community. The membership is open to both public and private mints as full or associated members, as well as to mint industry suppliers as associated members.

Martina Horakova, Managing Director, International Mint Industry Association (IMIA) says: “The IMIA has two key activities. First, establishing itself as a trusted content-led partner to policymakers as well as to consumer and merchant stakeholders, through in-depth dialogue and well-researched position papers. Second, to provide its individual members, and the mint community as such, with timely analytical and advisory insights of key policy and market developments in cash/coin payments in individual jurisdictions as well as globally. I am very pleased to say that in the few months since our establishment we have already entered in very active, promising and fruitful exchanges with policymakers.”

Gerhard Starsich – President of the IMIA Board and CEO of the Austrian Mint.

“International card companies and commercial banks invest a lot of money to promote electronic payment products, whereas the cash industry until now has promoted cash, and the latter’s consumer and societal benefits, much too little in comparison. There is a critical need for the mint industry to step up and step in to educate, advocate and defend resilient future for cash, for the industry and importantly the society as a whole”, comments Gerhard Starsich, President, International Mint Industry Association (IMIA).

Marc Schwartz – Vice President of the IMIA Board and Chairman & CEO of the French Mint.

Marc Schwartz, Vice President, International Mint Industry Association (IMIA) states: “The coin industry definitely needs a voice to defend the case for cash in modern economies, even with digital payments on the rise. We are delighted to have Martina Horakova on board as the managing director of IMIA. Martina brings over 15 years of experience in central banking and financial regulatory policymaking exchange and research, focusing on cash, digital payments and central bank digital currency. Her background gives the mint industry a strong and trustworthy voice and her managing role is allowing the IMIA to reach fast agreements.”


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