Friday, 2024.04.19
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Mint Meetings in 2023

Mint Directors will have two important meetings in 2023. Everybody involved in coin production should keep in mind these dates.

Foundation of International Mint Industry Association

The International Mint Industry Association unites public and private mints and industry suppliers. Its goal is to support the mint industry by proactively promoting the availability and acceptance of cash.

Prepare for the Mint Directors Conference Canada 2023

The next Mint Directors Conference will take place in Canada. In October 2023 delegates will come together in Ottawa and discuss the topic “Minting For The Future”. Now a dedicated website for the meeting is online and you can prepare your attendance.

New Name and Organizational Form of the Mint Directors Conference

Over the last years, the Mint Directors Conference has developed into a network. This network organization is now the International Mint Directors Network (IMDN). In addition, a new association of mints with big plans has been formed too.

MDC Conference Definitely Postponed

The Mint Directors Conference 2020 was postponed due to the COVID pandemic without a new date or location. Now both has been decided upon and attendees have to be very patient until the next meeting.
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