Prepare for the Mint Directors Conference Canada 2023

In 2023, after five years, the Mint Directors Conference will meet again in person – in Canada.
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The next Mint Directors Conference 2023 will take place in Canada. From 15-18 October 2023 delegates will come together in Ottawa to discuss the topic “Minting For The Future”.

Normally the MDC was organized every two years but due to the pandemic this will be the first meeting in person in five years.

Now a dedicated website for the meeting is online and you can prepare your attendance.

The website lists these discussion topics:

  • The social inclusion – the role of cash in an increasing digital payment environment?
  • How mints can and do contribute to the sustainability agenda?
  • Coexistence of cash and digital currency – myth or reality?
  • How can mints play a part in the payment ecosystem of the future?
  • Unprecedented world events and their impact on the industry Sharing of experiences around the world?
  • What are the new trends in numismatics that could increase revenues?
  • Do we need to rethink the numismatic ecosystem?
  • How can we engage with the younger generation? How can we interest them in coin buying? In fact, let’s ask younger mint employees to join us at the conference to tell us.
  • The bullion market insights?
  • The bullion/collectible coin boundary?
  • As an industry, where will we be in 10 years’ time… and more importantly is this where we want to be?

Online registration will be opening soon.

Check out all the details on the website for the MDC 2023 in Canada.