Thursday, 2022.08.18
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3,700 lots with an estimate of 7.6 million francs are featured in the upcoming spring auction of SINCONA AG. The sales include the second part of the British Collection as well as the Köhlmoos collection.

Heidelberger Münzhandlung, D-Heidelberg

Heidelberger Münzhandlung presents rare German coins of excellent quality and, in addition, an extensive offer of world coins from antiquity to modern times. Besides remarkable individual lots, connoisseurs will find a special collection with specimens from the Franconian Circle of the Holy Roman Empire.

Peter Rapp AG, CH-Wil

On 6 May 2022, Rapp will hold its numismatic auction sale. Connoisseurs can look forward to individual specimens as well as collections, including lots with bullion gold. The numismatic auction is one of many highlights of Rapp’s auction week with stamps, watches, jewelry and more.

Heritage Auctions, US-Dallas

Heritage’s Netherlands World Banknote Auction features notes from nations that at times have been under Dutch control. The sale includes important collections and a most significant selection of Curaçao Notes.

Dr. Busso Peus Nachf.

In the annual spring auctions Peus offers the usual spectrum from antiquity to modern times. The collection Dr. Plümacher of high-quality Roman and Greek coins in particular characterizes the auction.

The Royal Mint & Taisei Coins, JP-Tokyo

The first joint auction of the Royal Mint and Taisei coins during the Tokyo International Coin Convention 2022 will feature important rarities from Great Britain, China and Japan.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Stunning US gold coins from the Fairmont Collection are featured in the Stack’s Bowers Spring 2022 Showcase Auction.

Künker, D-Osnabrück

The second part of Künker’s Spring Auction Sales is completely dedicated to antiquity. In addition to important collections of Greek, Roman republican and imperial coinage, a collection with world-class Celtic coins will be on offer: the Flesche Collection.

Éditions Victor Gadoury and Alain Weil, Monaco

Around 1900, he was one of the most important French collectors: Fernand David, whose general collection of gold coins will be auctioned on 12 March 2022 by Éditions Victor Gadoury and Alain Weil. You can expect some exciting surprises!

Gorny & Mosch, Munich, Germany

About 1,200 ancient coins and 950 coins and medals from the Middle Ages and modern times are on offer in Gorny & Mosch’s upcoming auction sales on 7 and 9 March 2022.