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Spectacular Ilkhanid Gold Donatives at Solidus

In the current Auction 110, Solidus is presenting 60 selected Roman Provincial coins and 235 Islamic coins. The latter have a clear focus on Ilkhanid coinage. The auction will be held as a live auction on the platform AUEX on Tuesday, October 13, 2021 from 5:00 p.m. CET. Pre-bids can already be submitted. Customers with a Sixbid account can also take part in the auction live via Sixbid.

  • 5:00 p.m. CET: Roman Provincial coins 4
  • 6:00 p.m. CET: Coins of Islam 9

Part 1 of the auction starts with 60 provincial Roman coins. Among these are some particularly beautiful coins as well as partly unpublished rarities. Examples for these are:

  • Lot 13: A rare Traian coin from Perinthos in Thrace with a wonderful patina.
Lot 33: Bronze of Diadumenian. Dokimeion in Phrygia. 218 AD.
  • Lot 33: An exceptionally well preserved and unpublished bronze of Diadumenian from Dokimeion in Phrygia.
  • Lot 49: An also unpublished bronze of Julia Domna from Tyana in Cappadocia.
Lot 58: Tetradrachm of Antonius Pius. Alexandria. Year 11 / 147 – 148 AD.
  • Lot 58: A very pleasing tetradrachm of Antoninus Pius, minted in Alexandria, from the collection of Prof. Dr. P. R. Franke.

Part 2 of the auction starts with two Arabo-Byzantine bronze coins, followed by a rare Umayyad Solidus from the time of al-Walid I (Lot 63).

Lot 63: Umayyads. Period of al-Walid. Rare Solidus. 92 / 93 H

A selection of Abbasid and Seljuk of Rum coins follows. Also on offer are many rare coins from less common dynasties such as the Danishmendids, a wide range of Anatolian Beyliks and the Menkujakids. The Ottomans are represented by a series of selected pieces. In addition to the coins of the Golden Horde, another focus is on a different branch of the ruling Mongol clans: There is an extensive series of silver coins from the Ilkhanids, the Mongols of Persia, including several beautiful and rare 6 Dirham pieces.

Lot 247: Golden donative of Abu Sa’id. Ba’dad. 719 H.

The auction will culminate in two extraordinarily beautiful and spectacular Ilkhanid gold donatives: A specimen of Uljaytu from Ba’dad (709 H.) has the weight of 4 gold Dinars and weighs 18.23 g with a diameter of 33 mm (Lot 232). While comparable pieces by this ruler very rarely appear on the market, another gold donative by his son Abu Sa’id is probably unique. The Ba’dad coin (Lot 247) with elaborate mihrab-type calligraphy weighs 26.75 g with a diameter of 39 mm and corresponds to a weight of 6 dinars.

The auction closes with Aq Qoyunlu coins and some attractive coin groups.


You can find the auction catalog via the platform AUEX.

Here you can find the website of Solidus Numismatik.