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Roman coin hoard disunites British metal detectorists

...rather harmoniously when, on May 4, 2014 the two of them took their metal detectors to search for finds in the vicinity. In a statement, Aartsen said that he first... (11 Treffer im Text)

Romanian metal detectorist donates coins worth 500,000 euros to museum

September 26, 2013 – Iulian Enache, 34-year old Romanian metal detectorist, nearly stumbled over a gigantic coin hoard while looking for historical artefacts in a forest. He had bought the... (4 Treffer im Text)

How a UK Court Punishes a Dishonest Detectorist

...metal detector and found a treasure. Shane discovered what was “likely to be if not the largest then the second-largest such find in Britain”, as Prosecutor Ashley Petchey is quoted:... (25 Treffer im Text)

“Detectorists” on German and French Television

...delightfully funny series will gain enough popularity to initiate an open discussion about why searching with a metal detector is a popular sport in Britain that is enjoyed by all... (19 Treffer im Text)

Not all that glitters is gold

...had planned on searching the field with a metal detector the next day, but the two (un)lucky beggars had got there first: ‘As a detectorist myself, I’d like to assure... (13 Treffer im Text)

One Million Archaeological Objects Recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme

...found this hoard of 4th century Roman coins buried in three pots. Two metal detectorists found this hoard of 4th century Roman coins buried in three pots. Two metal detectorists... (13 Treffer im Text)

Metal Detectoring Couple Finds Gold Coins

A 14th century purse with five gold coins dating from the reign of Edward III (1327-1377) that had been discovered by married couple, Phil and Joan Castle, who live in... (2 Treffer im Text)

50 Years of Celtic Coin Index

...information service – he was often answering as many as twenty different enquiries a day, mostly from metal detectorists – persuaded more people to record and report more coins. Today... (10 Treffer im Text)

The Armorial Ring from Loch Lomond

...seal ring is an excellent example of a high status ring of the period, of which there are only a very limited number surviving in this condition. Metal detectorists like... (9 Treffer im Text)

Hoards and Other Coin Finds – Part III: Losses and Final Remarks

...have for losses: the careful modern recording of the find spots of metal detector finds, as well as those from careful excavations, has given us evidence for the presence of... (10 Treffer im Text)