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The usurper Proculus and his coinage

...7 November 2012 a second example of the antoninianus of Proculus came to light close to Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire, as a result of searches with metal detectors by Mark... (8 Treffer im Text)

The Fascination of Coins: Dealers’ Perspectives

...a beach in North Wales (we then lived in Lancashire) with my father and his metal detector. The first ‘signal’ and subsequent hole were exciting but then as any five... (8 Treffer im Text)

The Lapland Gold Rush

...it not only easier to find gold using high-tech metal detectors like the detectors available for rental at Kellyco but also to extract the gold from the earth. For example,... (8 Treffer im Text)

New Milestone at Portable Antiquities Scheme: 1.5 Million Archaeological Objects

...its inception 23 years ago have been made by members of the public. Most of them are found buried in the ground by metal detectorists. Thanks to the public’s efforts,... (7 Treffer im Text)

Gold Exhibition in London

...Jewel which was discovered by metal detector near Middleham Castle in North Yorkshire in 1985. It hit the headlines when it subsequently sold for an outstanding £1.3 million at Sotheby’s... (7 Treffer im Text)

Dix Noonan Webb, GB-London

Extremely Rare Roman Solidus Discovered by Metal Detectorist A long time Metal Detectorist has just found his best ever coin – a Roman gold Solidus of the Emperor Constantine I... (6 Treffer im Text)

Second antoninianus of Roman Emperor Proculus found

by Björn Schöpe November 22, 2012 – It was a real sensation what the two metal detectorists found. But they learned about it only when handing it over to an... (6 Treffer im Text)

Record Level of Treasure Finds in the UK

...unable to determine whether it is British or Irish in origin. 81,602 Finds – 90% Made by Metal Detectorists A total of 81,602 finds were recorded with the British Museum’s... (6 Treffer im Text)

Great Britain’s busy treasure hunters

April 24, 2014 – According to the British Museum, almost 1,000 objects classified as treasures were discovered by hobby archaeologists and metal detectorists in 2012. Those private treasure hunters have... (6 Treffer im Text)

Buckingham gold hoard

...Around midday on Saturday 16 December 2006 two metal detectorists strolled onto a field near Buckingham and within a few minutes picked up a valuable gold coin that was lying... (6 Treffer im Text)