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Via Numismatik E-Live Auktion 4

In the first auction of Via Numismatics in 2021, more than 1,100 lots from all price ranges from ancient coins to modern coinage will be on offer. Live bidding of the E-Live auction will begin at 4:00 PM on 26th March 2021.

Lot 80: Roman Imperials. Aurelianus (270-275). Aureus, Mediolanum or Ticinum. Very fine+. Estimate: 2000 EUR.

The offer of ancient coins starts with an excellent didrachm from Himera, minted in the period from 482-472 BC. (Lot 1). The other ancient Greek coins gems of this auction include a small number of excellent tetradrachms from Athens (lots 16-19) an electron stater of Rheskuporis II from the Regnum Bosporanum (lot 20), a Lycian stater (lot 23), as well as a tetradrachm from Aigeai (lot 25). In addition to many other interesting pieces from the Roman Republic, the Imperial Era and some provincial coins, a rare Dupondius by Julia Titi, (lot 39), an aureus by Aurelian from Mediolanum or Ticinum (lot 80), Solidi of Constantius II. from Thessaloniki (lot 93) and Antioch (lot 94), a miliarense of Valentinianus I from Trier (lot 95), as well as Solidi of Theodosius II. (lot 99) and Aelia Pulcheria (lot 100) should be mentioned.

Lot 441: Swiss, Basel. 2-Assis-Klippe in 4 times the weight of 1623. Extremely rare! Estimate: 500 EUR.

The area of the Middle Ages is of course also represented in this auction. In addition to crusader coins (lot 275ff), some pieces from the German Middle Ages, including bracteates (lot 128ff), Friesland denarii from Bruno III. (Lot 292-296) will also be auctioned, as well as some Austrian, especially Grazer and Friesacher pfennige (Lot 756ff).

In particular, a lot of Swiss cantonal coins with a special focus on Basel will be auctioned. Many pieces in mint state and prooflike conditions are offered here. The extremely rare 2-Assis-Klippe in 4 times the weight of 1623 with lot no. 441, as well as a hybrid thaler from the 18th century (Av: HMZ: 2-99b, Rv: HMZ: 2-99a) with lot no. 444 should be emphasized. Also of interest are the AR-medal from Bern by Ch. Bühler and F. Hornberg to the 700th anniversary of the city’s foundation in 1891 (lot 487), the 4 francs with the mintage of 250 pieces from Solothurn in 1813 (lot 573) and the rare 2 Batzen piece from 1811 from Uri (lot 600).

Los 686: Hans Frei medals. AR-shootingmedal, 1902. Schwyz cantonal shooting festival in Küssnacht. Rare! Almost uncirculated. Estimate: 150 EUR.

In addition to a number of Swiss shooting medals (“Schützentaler”), a small collection of medals by Hans Frei (1868-1947) is also on offer. The AR-medal for the 100th anniversary of the defensive struggle of the Nidwalden against the French troops under General Schauenburg from 1898 (lot 677), the AR-medal from 1902 for the Schwyz cantonal shooting festival in Küssnacht (lot 686), the AR-plaquette for the Federal shooting festival in St. Gallen from 1904 (lot 690) and the AE-medal in gratitude for the American support in 1918 with a diameter of 118.50 mm, which is probably a cast of the original plaster model (lot 702).

Lot 895: Holy Roman Empire. Leopold I. (1657-1705). 5 Dukaten, 1696 KV, Klausenburg. Very rare! Estimate: 25,000 EUR.

Of the offered coins of the Holy Roman Empire, the very rare Sechser from Linz (lot 795) and the ½ Guldentaler for 30 Kreuzer 1562 from Klagenfurt by Ferdinand I. (lot 825), the excellent thaler from Archduke Ferdinand from Ensisheim (lot 830) and especially the 5 ducat piece 1696 from Klausenburg by Leopold I. (lot 895), as well as the ducat 1738 from Kremnitz by Charles VI. (Lot 929) shall be mentioned here. As a curiosity, a wooden gaming counter (“Dame-Brettstein”) by J. L. Oexlein from Nuremberg will be auctioned (lot 931). Among the rarer pieces from the Austrian Empire are certainly the 4 ducats 1865 (lot 1000) and the aluminum specimen for a forint 1891 with an edge inscription (lot 1038).

Of course, enough Islamic coins, world coins, coins from the Austrian ecclesiastic principalities and medals will also be represented in the auction.


Live bidding will begin on Friday, 26th March 2021 at 4:00 PM. You can access the auction via the AUEX platform. The auction is also available on Sixbid and Numisbids (only pre-bids!).

For more information go to the VIA Numismatics website, where you can download the PDF catalog of the e-live auction 4. Viewing is possible in the office of Via Numismatik in 1010 Vienna, Habsburgergasse 6-8, Top 17, 3rd floor after prior tel. appointments.