Via Numismatic

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Via Numismatic Starts Successfully with First Public Auction

Via Numismatic’s first public auction on 23rd November 2021 was very successful for everyone involved despite the current Covid-lockdown. The auction house thanks all consignors, customers and friends for their trust. Here you can view some highlights and results of the auction:

  • Lot 4: East Noriker – Taurisker. Tetradrachm, Type Wuschelkopf-Gruppe. : Stylized head with a diadem in the form of three curved rows of pearls to the left. Very rare! Good extremely fine. Starting price: 1,500 EUR. Hammer price: 2,100 EUR.
Lot 79.
  • Lot 79: Roman Imperial. Probus (276-282). Aureus 280, Serdica. Av.: Helmeted and armored bust with shield and spear to the left. Rv.: Viktoria riding in Quadriga to the left. Very rare! Sharp specimen with a good portrait! From fresh dies. Ex Numismatica Ars Classica, Auction 114 (Mai 2019), 824. Starting price: 35,000 EUR. Hammer price: 36,000 EUR.
  • Lot 120: Germany. Leuchtenberg. Georg III. (1531-1555). Taler 1547, Pfreimd. With title of Karl V. Very rare in this condition! Magnificent specimen, almost uncirculated. Starting price: 1,000 EUR. Hammer price: 2,100 EUR.
  • Lot 144: France: Napoleon I. (1804-1815). Pattern, 5 Francs AN XI. in silver, by C. Wieland. Of the greatest rarity! Partly. slightly cleaned, PCGS SP55, extremely fine. Starting price: 12,000 EUR. Hammer price: 15,000 EUR.
  • Lot 175: Italy, Brescia. Mezzo Grosso (1. period 1186-1254). in the name of Friedrich. Av.: +FRI.SIA. Cross. Rv.: FRE IMP. Cross. Unknown variant. Of the greatest rarity! NGC AU50, almost extremely fine. Starting price: 1,500 EUR. Hammer price: 8,500 EUR.
Lot 202.
  • Lot 202: Crusader. Imitation of a Maravedi. Morabitino (12th century). In the style of a Spanish Maravedi – Morabitino of Alfons VIII. Unknown! No mention in the literature! Slight weakness, good extremely fine. Starting price: 8,000 EUR. Hammer price: 20,000 EUR.
  • Lot 279: Switzerland, Basel: “Gluckhennentaler” (around 1650). by F. Fecher. Av.: City view from the northwest. Rv.: Gluckhenne with four chicks, in exergue “ALIT.ET.PRO/TEGIT. Very rare condition! Magnificent specimen with a wonderful patina! NGC MS64. Starting price: 3,500 EUR. Hammer price: 12,000 EUR.
Lot 515.
  • Lot 515: Holy Roman Empire. Ferdinand III. (1637-1657). 10 Ducats, 1642 KB, Kremnitz. NGC AU 50. Starting price: 50,000 EUR. Hammer price: 105,000 EUR.
Lot 555.
  • Lot 555: Holy Roman Empire. Karl VI. (1711-1740). 5 Ducats, 1722, Prag. Yield of the pit Eulen in Bohemia. Extremely rare! Extremely fine. Starting price: 25,000 EUR. Hammer price: 36,000 EUR.
  • Lot 591: Holy Roman Empire. Franz II. (1792-1835). Ducat 1796, Kremnitz. Magnificent specimen! NGC MS 63. Starting price: 750 EUR. Hammer price: 2,200 EUR.
  • Los 648: Austrian Empire. Franz Joseph (1848-1916). Ducat 1848/1898, Vienna. To the 50th anniversary of the government. With left head. Rare in this condition! Magnificent specimen! NGC MS 64+. Starting price: 600 EUR. Hammer price: 2,000 EUR.


All results can be viewed in the online catalogue.

The 7th e-Live Auction of Via Numismatic will take place in February 2022 and the 2nd Floor-Auction is planned for late summer 2022. For the receipt of consignments, please contact the auction house.