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Austrian Rarities at VIA Numismatics

In the sixth e-Live auction of VIA Numismatics, you can look forward to more than 800 lots from all price ranges from ancient coins to modern coinage. The sale ends on Friday, 15th October 2021, from 2:00 PM (CEST).

Lot 1: Celts. Noricum, Ostnoriker – Taurisker: AR-tetradrachm. “Augentyp-Stamm”. Rare. Extremely fine. Starting price: 800 EUR.

The offer of ancient coins starts with some very beautiful Celtic tetradrachms of the Taurisker of the “Augentyp-Stamm” (lot 1-10), including the rare type Dembski 915 (lot 1-3). Further coins of the Eastern Celts from Serbia (lot 11) and the Subcarpathian Mountains (lot 12-13) are followed by many interesting coins from the ancient Greek world, for example from Macedonia (lot 14-15), Thracia (lot 16-22), Thessalia ( Lot 23), Illyria (Lot 24), Korkyra (Lot 25), Athens (Lot 26-29), the Cimmerian Bosporus (Lot 30-34), Pisidia (Lot 36-40), Cilicia (Lot 41-42), Cappadocia (lot 43-45), as well as Syria (lot 46) and Parthia (lot 47). Several nice denarii from the Roman Republic (lot 50-65) are followed by a larger selection of coins from the Roman Empire. Particularly noteworthy are the numerous attractive denarii from Augustus (lot 65-71), Tiberius (lot 72-75), the Flavians (lot 76-83), the adoptive emperors (lot 84-128) and the Severans (lot 130-152). The time of the barracks or soldier emperors (lot 153-185) and the Roman late antiquity (lot 186-231) are mainly represented by antoninianii or fractions. The range of ancient coinage is rounded off by some excellent coins from the Roman provinces (lot 247-266), like the rare Dupondius from Viminacium (lot 248) and the AE coin from Mesembria (lot 262) – both from Gordianus III., as well as the extremely rare AE coin of Traianus from Tripoli (lot 264).

Lot 420: Italy, Venice. Lodovico Manin (1789-1797). Zeccino n.d. Weak strike, extremely fine. Starting price: 250 EUR.

The area of the Middle Ages is of course represented again in this auction. In addition to some pieces of German Middle Ages, including denarii from Jever (lot 296) and Emden (lot 297), pfennige from the Upper Palatinate (lot 298-301), Munich (lot 302-310), Landshut (lot 311 and 314-315), Ötting (lot 313 and 316), Braunau (lot 317) and Goslar (lot 325), as well as denarii of the crusaders from Antioch (lot 447-448) or from Bohemia and Moravia (lot 565-566), and Dutch coins from Utrecht (Lot 466), Friesland (lot 467) and Groningen (lot 468), will also be auctioned, as well as some Austrian, especially Grazer (lot 584-591) and Salzburger pfennige (lot 592-593).

Lot 608: Roman German Empire. Archduke Leopold (1618 / 1625-1632) as secular prince. Taler 1632, Hall. Extremely fine. Starting price: 200 EUR.

Of the offered coins from all over the world, only the Silesian coins (lot 344-356), the attractive coins from French Indochina (lot 399-402), the Venetian zecchines (lot 419-422) and the Canadian dollars in top qualities (Lot 433-446) shall be mentioned here.

Among the coins from the Roman German Empire a small batch of 15 Kreuzer from Leopold I (lot 610ff), various thalers from Archduke Ferdinand (lot 602), Rudolf II (lot 604), Archduke Maximilian (lot 605), Archduke Leopold (lot 608), Karl VI. (Lot 662-663), Maria Theresia (Lot 665-666, 668-669 and 671), Josef II. (Lot 678-679), the so-called Königstaler from Leopold II. (Lot 685) and the Kronentaler from Franz II. (Lot 688-689), as well as the rare medals for the coronation of Joseph I as Roman-German King (lot 645-646) are particularly worth mentioning.

Lot 765: Austrian Empire. Franz Joseph (1848-1916). 4 Fl. / 10 Fr. 1890, Vienna. Very rare in this condition. Extremely fine+. Starting price: 1000 EUR.

From the Austrian Empire, along with many other coins, a larger batch of gold coins from Franz Joseph is on offer – including various ducats (lot 728, 733, 770, 774-775, 806), 4 ducats (lot 752, 759, 796), 10 Fr – 4 Frt. (Lot 739, 743, 754-755, 760, 764), 20 Fr. – 8 Frt. (Lot 740, 767), 4 Fl.-10 Fr. (Lot 748, 753, 756-758, 765- 766), 8 Fl.-20 Fr. (lot 762), 10 korona (lot 785, 795, 803), 20 korona (lot 808-809, 817), 10 kronen (lot 800-802) 20 kronen (lot 771 -773,776, 778, 782-783), as well as some interesting medals and plaques from the First World War (lot 807, 810-816, 818-821).

Of course, Byzantine and Islamic coins, world coins, coins of the Austrian ecclesiastic principalities and medals, as well as numerous lots will be represented in the auction again.


Viewing is possible in the office of Via Numismatics in 1010 Vienna, Habsburgergasse 6-8, Top 17, 3rd floor after prior tel. appointments.

Live bidding will begin on Friday, October 15, 2021 at 2:00 PM (CEST). You can access the auction via the Auex platform. The auction is also available on Sixbid and Numisbids (only pre-bids).

For further information and to view the PDF catalog of the auction, visit the VIA Numismatics website.