Upcoming Hong Kong Coin Show in August

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Despite the dynamic global economic environment, the purchasing power of collectors remains strong, which bodes well for the 6th Hong Kong Coin Show (HKCS). As the leading numismatic fair in Asia, the Hong Kong Coin Show strives to move the numismatic industry forward. This is reflected by multiyear efforts to recruit new exhibitors from different countries, including Colombia, Nepal and Paraguay, and the growth of different numismatic events including seminars and workshops as well as a guided tour. The three-day show offers much more than might be expected; it not only provides opportunities to buy and sell, but also the chance to learn more about the hobby and the history behind the various collectibles.

To attract the attention of both exhibitors and potential visitors, the event has revamped the website and is reaching out through social media, including a Facebook fan page, Instagram and LinkedIn, etc. The social media accounts are updated weekly so that fans and newbies know the latest news of the industry and the event. Visitors can easily buy tickets online and pick them up at registration. Arriving is easy, just grab your ticket and you can immediately be part of the wonderful world of numismatics!


Excited collectors crowd the three-day event.

Were you unable to attend the March event? No worries – the 7th Hong Kong Coin Show is coming right up August 23 – 25, 2019. The HKCS welcomes people from all walks of life to join in the numismatic fun!

University students joined guided tours to learn about the basics of numismatics.

Fact check: What is Hong Kong Coin Show?

Twice each year, active coin dealers and collectors converge on the 18th Floor of The Mira Hotel in Hong Kong for an exciting numismatic event. The biannual HKCS takes place in March/April and in August and features not only buying and selling, but also seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and a guided tour. This well-attended event is organized by four partners: Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio Co. Ltd., Spink & Sons Ltd., Shouxi.com and Coin-In-Coin, all leading companies in their respective fields. The HKCS is regarded as the top numismatic show in Asia.

Since its inaugural show in August 2016, HKCS has grown to include over 100 top numismatic organizations and individuals from over 45 countries and regions. The three-day show attracts over 5,000 visitors, providing a solid client base for trade and exchange of ideas. The HKCS helps to make Hong Kong a world-class numismatic hub for auctions and coin shows. The show sets the standard as Hong Kong moves forward as a world-class coin center and an enhancement to numismatic globalization.

Small group workshops allow attendees to discuss and exchange ideas with professional speakers.

Early Birds

The HKCS offers an Early Bird Pass for HKD300, which allows you to enter the show at 9:00 am on the first day, and grants unlimited attendance at the show for three days. The One Day Pass is offered for HKD20. With the One Day Pass, you get entry into the show at 11:00 am on the first day (if you buy the first day pass) and unlimited access to the show on the day of the pass.

Exhibitions provide the chance to appreciate rare banknotes.

New seminars and exhibitions

Seminars and exhibitions made their debut in the 4th Hong Kong Coin Show as a way to educate the public and nurture the next generation of numismatic enthusiasts. Participants were able to learn about the latest trends in the hobby as well as increase knowledge in specific areas. The response to these additions were very positive and the organizers will continue to hold seminars, workshops and guided tours to encourage sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and developing young collectors. The fundamentals of the numismatic industry and the historical aspects of coins and banknotes will also be a focus, and some of the exhibitors will work with HKCS to introduce their collections to the students. The aforementioned events will be held on the afternoon of the second day, 24 August 2019.


Visitors and exhibitors can register online, via email, or by phone at: +852 3952 3031.

If you want to learn more about the seminar series, you may go to the Hong Kong Show website.

There, you can also find out more about the workshop series and guided tour. 

If you are interested in more general information on the numismatic show or any of these special events, you can send an email to the organizers.

CoinsWeekly has also posted a comprehensive article on the event, in which the convenience of the show, the efficiency of the organizers and the comments of exhibitors were discussed.