The Story of the Coins and Tokens of the British World

Peter R. Thompson, The Story of the Coins and Tokens of the British World. Token Publishing, Exeter 2020. 391 p., colour images. Hardcover. ISBN: 978-1-908828-46-0. £39.95.
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Brand New from Peter Thompson, author of “The East India Company and its coins” comes a brand new title: “The story of the Coins and Tokens of the British World”.

This full colour profusely illustrated 380-page book tells the story of the coins and tokens used by the British to trade across the globe, from the very earliest trade in the 15th century through to the final days of the colonies.

From the times of the earliest settlers right up to the heady days of the 19th and early 20th centuries the British territories around the world needed currency for trade. This need was initially filled by the use of any available coins, as well as local commodities and produce, until gradually they were able to produce their own coinage. It is this evolution, from the challenge to the once dominant Spanish “cobs”, to the Portcullis money of Elizabeth I, the tin money of the Orient, the riches of the Indian sub-continent and the gold from the New World, that the author has so admirably explained and brought to life in the pages of this book.

So that the reader is able to visualise the growth of British influence throughout the expanding world, virtually every type of coin used in every country under British dominance since the earliest times is illustrated in full colour; from the coins of The East India Company, the tokens of private individuals, the coins which are commonly referred to as “colonial coins” and the coins of the Commonwealth – stretching from the Americas to Asia and all points in between.

The story of Britain’s trade is the story of its influence throughout the world and coins tell that story perfectly – Peter now tells their story in this wonderful new work, a must have for every numismatist.

Peter Thompson has had a lifelong interest in numismatics and is a current member of the Royal, British and Oriental Numismatic Societies, the Numismatic Society of Ireland and the Ormskirk and West Lancashire Numismatic Society. He is also a member of the Hakluyt Society.

His interest in the coins and tokens examined in this book was inspired by a working life in the Merchant Navy – an organisation which, in its heyday, carried British trade and influence to the farthest corners of the world.

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