Thursday, 2022.09.29
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Tag: Great Britain (Modern Period)

Amelia Newsham: A Transatlantic Journey

In the 1750s, Amelia Newsham was a real attraction in London: the young enslaved albino woman was studied as a “curosity” even by Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus. Isabell Charmantier tells her story and why Newsham was depicted on a token.

How Was The Bank of England Involved in Transatlantic Slavery?

The Bank of England Museum reopened again after a two-year Covid break. In a new temporary exhibition the museum investigates the connection between “Slavery & the Bank”.

350.000 $ for a candy tin find

One of the very first coins to have been struck in what is now the United States, was discovered in a candy tin in a property of the Wentworth family. It now sold at Morton & Eden auction for an outstanding $351,912 (£264,000).

The New and Revised Coin Yearbook 2022

The new 2022 edition of the Coin Yearbook is fully revised and updated, it features accurate up-to-the-minute pricing of English, Scottish, Irish and Island coins and many more features.

New Record for Una and the Lion at SINCONA?

Three new record prices were set by the British gold coin Una and the Lion in 2020. Now, SINCONA offers an extremely rare variety in a Proof set that is sure to delight everyone who loves coins of outstanding quality. A candidate for a new record?

The New Banknote Yearbook for British Banknotes

The 11th edition of the British Banknote Yearbook has been published. The price guide to banknotes of the British Isles has been fully updated and contains all newly issued notes of the past four years.

All Gold Sovereigns At One Glance

“The Gold Sovereign Series” has become the standard reference when it comes to Britain’s legendary gold coin. A new, revised edition added all new sovereigns and fractionals issued since 2017.

The First Book and Price Guide to the Guinea

“A Guide to the Guinea 1663-1813” by Roderick A. Farey is the first book and price guide dedicated to just the Guinea, one of Britain’s most famous coins.

Online Exhibition on English Civil Wars

The ANA’s Money Museum presents an online exhibition “Coins, Crown & Conflict: An Exploration of Cromwell’s England” dedicated to the history of the English Civil Wars featuring great rarities of English coins, as well as a number of early American coins.

“Una and the Lion” Sets Another Record

In May 2020 a 1839 “Una and the Lion” five pound coin set a record price realising 855,000 euros. In October this was surpassed by a result of 984,000 euros for another coin of the same type.