Tuesday, 26.10.2021
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Tag: Great Britain (Modern Period)

New Record for Una and the Lion at SINCONA?

Three new record prices were set by the British gold coin Una and the Lion in 2020. Now, SINCONA offers an extremely rare variety in a Proof set that is sure to delight everyone who loves coins of outstanding quality. A candidate for a new record?

The New Banknote Yearbook for British Banknotes

The 11th edition of the British Banknote Yearbook has been published. The price guide to banknotes of the British Isles has been fully updated and contains all newly issued notes of the past four years.

All Gold Sovereigns At One Glance

“The Gold Sovereign Series” has become the standard reference when it comes to Britain’s legendary gold coin. A new, revised edition added all new sovereigns and fractionals issued since 2017.

The First Book and Price Guide to the Guinea

“A Guide to the Guinea 1663-1813” by Roderick A. Farey is the first book and price guide dedicated to just the Guinea, one of Britain’s most famous coins.

Online Exhibition on English Civil Wars

The ANA’s Money Museum presents an online exhibition “Coins, Crown & Conflict: An Exploration of Cromwell’s England” dedicated to the history of the English Civil Wars featuring great rarities of English coins, as well as a number of early American coins.

“Una and the Lion” Sets Another Record

In May 2020 a 1839 “Una and the Lion” five pound coin set a record price realising 855,000 euros. In October this was surpassed by a result of 984,000 euros for another coin of the same type.

Irish Gunmoney

The latest work by Paul and Bente R. Withers presents a detailed study of Irish gunmoney and the emergency issues of 1689-1691. This highly unusual token coinage was issued by the deposed Catholic king James II of England who went to Ireland to reconquer his kingdom.

NGC-Certified English Gold Coin Realizes Over $300,000 in Spink Sale

A rare English gold coin struck during the reign of Queen Anne and certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation realized over $300,000 in a Spink sale on September 15, 2020. That is more than double its pre-auction estimate.

Andrew Burnett’s History of Numismatics in Britain

Andrew Burnett’s new book “The Hidden Treasures of this Happy Island” provides, for the first time, a comprehensive account of the collecting and study of coins in Britain from 1500 to 1750. The work is full of new discoveries made in the course of the research.

The Gold Standard Part 2: How and Why Gold Became the Most Important Metal...

For centuries, silver was the preferred metal across the world when it came to coins and savings. In the 19th century, that changed. We’ll explain how and why, and illustrate what happened with the help of coins that will be coming under the hammer on 30 September and 1 October 2020 in the Künker Auction entitled ‘A Numismatic Gold Treasure’.