Tuesday, 2024.05.28
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Tag: Roman Imperial Period

The Coins From Villa Borg

In antiquity, Villa Borg in Germany was a flourishing economic enterprise. Numerous coin findings bear witness of its far-reaching trade connections. Claire Franklin took a look at the new catalogue by Ulrich Werz presenting this numismatic material.

The Peak of the Roman Imperial Crisis

The Roman Emperor in captivity! Marauding tribes in the heart of Italy! And a quarter of the Roman Empire declaring independence under a usurper. The year 260 is considered the peak of the Roman Imperial Crisis. Coins tell of this terrible time.

Symposium on Alexandria’s Roman Imperial Coinage

The Circolo Numismatico Ticinese will hold an international symposium dedicated to Alexandria’s Roman Imperial coinage in Lugano in 2024. The organizing committee is formed by eminent experts.

The Coins of Mysia from the Plankenhorn Collection

Those interested in coins from Asia Minor under Roman rule certainly are familiar with the Plankenhorn name. The State Coin Collection of Munich now published the catalogue of his coins from Mysia, authored by the collector himself. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

Sponsian – Emperor or Fantasy?

Was there a Roman emperor called Sponsian? Yes, says a new study of the University of Glasgow, which received great attention in the daily press. Renowned scholars claim the opposite.

Romans, Gauls and Germanic Tribes in Switzerland

Gauls, Germanic tribes, and Romans: In antiquity, different cultures came together where Basel’s located today. This did not always occur peacefully. The Antikenmuseum Basel dedicates an exhibition to this subject – set up in a particularly playful way.

New Images in the Age of Augustus: Power and Media in Ancient Rome

In autumn 2022, Hamburg is hosting the first Augustus exhibition in Germany in 34 years. Visitors can expect top-class loans from Italy and France – and many coins to illustrate the media politics of Rome’s first emperor.

Roman Philosophy as a Graphic Novel

Philosophy is not your field? Well, the thoughts and life of Stoic philosopher and Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius become a real pleasure to investigate with this stunning graphic novel. Have a look!

WWII-Looted Art Found in a Thrift Store

A Roman bust disappears from Bavaria during the Second World War. Then, it reappears in the unlikeliest place in the world: a thrift store in Texas. A true story with a happy ending, which also draws attention to a serious problem.

Augustus in Saigon!?

Even as far as Vietnam you may find Roman imperial and classical Western ideas. Students of the University Vietnam delved into the country’s history and culture and present their findings in a revealing online exhibition.
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