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Tag: Roman Imperial Period

New Images in the Age of Augustus: Power and Media in Ancient Rome

In autumn 2022, Hamburg is hosting the first Augustus exhibition in Germany in 34 years. Visitors can expect top-class loans from Italy and France – and many coins to illustrate the media politics of Rome’s first emperor.

Roman Philosophy as a Graphic Novel

Philosophy is not your field? Well, the thoughts and life of Stoic philosopher and Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius become a real pleasure to investigate with this stunning graphic novel. Have a look!

WWII-Looted Art Found in a Thrift Store

A Roman bust disappears from Bavaria during the Second World War. Then, it reappears in the unlikeliest place in the world: a thrift store in Texas. A true story with a happy ending, which also draws attention to a serious problem.

Augustus in Saigon!?

Even as far as Vietnam you may find Roman imperial and classical Western ideas. Students of the University Vietnam delved into the country’s history and culture and present their findings in a revealing online exhibition.

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

How would people like to be remembered let’s say 2,000 years from now? The Ashmolean Museum offers a numismatic talk for over-65s bringing together daily life questions and ancient coins. You can still book a free ticket!

What Can Really BIG Money Teach Us About Our World?

Really big pieces of money have often been treated as “curiosities” and overlooked in favor of shiny gold coins and crisp modern banknotes. As the stars of a new exhibition in the Smithsonian, they will do the heavy lifting as curator Ellen Feingold explains.

Winner of the ANS’s First Collier Prize Announced

In 2020 the ANS announced a new award, the Collier Prize for the best book on ancient numismatics with a prize money of $20,000. The first winner is Richard Abdy’s “Roman Imperial Coinage” vol. II. 3 on the coinage of the Emperor Hadrian.

The Four Coins Jesus Knew

It is very human to look for physical testimonies as proof for events and persons we care about. Therefore, numismatists have been connecting the life of Jesus with coins for centuries. The University of Calgary continues this tradition with a new exhibition.

Dirty Money: Lingwell Gate’s Roman Coin Moulds

Between c.1695 and the 1830s hundreds of Roman clay coin moulds were found at Lingwell Gate in the United Kingdom. They were used to create illegal cast copies of Roman silver coins and are an important clue to forgery in the ancient world as Emily Tilley says.

How Do We Even Know When The Battle at Marathon Took Place?

On 22nd March 2021, Künker will be auctioning off an extensive collection of coins of Roman Alexandria. Among them are 14 specimens of the zodiac series of Antoninus Pius. These pieces tell us something about how we know when events took place in ancient history.