Tuesday, 19.10.2021
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Tag: Poland

International Numismatic Congress Prolongs Deadline for Submissions

What should be discussed at the International Numismatic Congress in Warsaw in 2022? The deadline for submissions has been extended, so you can still submit your proposal!

What You Can Expect From the International Numismatic Congress 2022 in Warsaw

The XVI International Numismatic Congress will take place in Warsaw in 2022. Due to the pandemic the event was postponed. Anna Zapolska of the organizing team gives you the most recent news of the congress and what numismatic highlights will expect you in Poland!

Online Exhibition “Barbarian Tsunami”

The National Museum in Szczecin and the University of Warsaw organised an exhibition dedicated to the dramatic epoch known as Migration period. The exhibition has been presented in 12 museums in Poland. Now you can enjoy this entertaining display online!

International Numismatic Congress Postponed to 2022

There is many a good reason why the INC and the Organising Committee had to take the decision to postpone the International Numismatic Congress to September 2022. Although we are longing for meeting our colleagues all over the world, we have to be sensible.

What Should Be Discussed at the International Numismatic Congress?

You can now register to attend the International Numismatic Congress in Warsaw via the online “Pre-Registration” form. In addition, you, and anyone else, can submit proposals for themes you think should be discussed in workshops and round tables at the event.