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The New Yale Gallery of Numismatics

The Bela Lyon Pratt Gallery of Numismatics at Yale University Art Gallery comprises over 120,000 objects. Curator Benjamin Hellings and his assistant Emily Pearce Seigerman present the collection in a video.

Exhibition Displays Tutankhamun’s Complete Burial Hoard

The tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered 100 years ago. Soon, the Grand Egyptian Museum will show the complete burial hoard for the first time. The exhibition design comes from the German scenographers of Atelier Brückner.

Swiss Finance Museum Presents “Banks in Transition”

The Swiss Finance Museum in Zurich shows in a special exhibition how banks have changed from their origins to the current, digital trends in banking: from counters to apps.

Yale’s New Gallery of Numismatics

The Yale University Art Gallery opened the new Bela Lyon Pratt Gallery of Numismatics featuring over 260 items in 16 newly designed display cases. An intimate place to quietly study breathtaking numismatic masterpieces.

What Will Happen to the Winterthur Coin Cabinet?

The Winterthur Coin Cabinet is internationally renowned – but it’s too much of a financial burden for this Swiss municipality. At least that’s what some of the parliamentarians think. They demand the city stop financing the museum.

Money & Medals Network Discusses Transport-Themed Numismatic Collections

The Money & Medals Network offers a numismatic training about transport-themed numismatic collections on 29th September 2021. This will be one of the last trainings, so seize the opportunity!

San Marino’s New Museum for Coins and More

San Marino – a small republic on a mountain in Italy. The rich cultural heritage of the microstate is now beautifully illustrated by coins and stamps in a newly opened museum curated by the renowned numismatist Roberto Ganganelli.

A Visit at Heinrich Schliemann’s

There is probably no other world-class coin collection that is housed in such a romantic setting as the Numismatic Museum of Athens. Join Ursula Kampmann on her visit (that did not come without obstacles).

No More Money For the Money and Medals Network

The Money and Medals Network is a vital part in the British numismatic world. It connects institutions, contributes to revitalize collections, and trains people in museums. Arts Council England has decided not to continue funding.

ANA Money Museum to Deaccession Parts of Collection

The ANA’s Money Museum starts selling duplicates of its collection through eBay in June 2021. The ANA will support its museum with the revenue generated from the deaccession.
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