Monday, 2023.06.05
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Tag: Minting technology

State-of-the-Art Minting Technology

Colours, special shapes, inlays, micro inscriptions, latent images and holograms – many technologies are used on commemorative coins today. In this article, we give you an overview.

US Mint Releases the First Colorized US Coins

The new Basketball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins are the first colored Coins in the History of the United States. The two colorized versions are part of a coin program minted in recognition of the 60th Anniversary of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

How Colours Made Their Way Onto Coins

28 years ago, Ursula Kampmann experienced how her boss got incredibly annoyed at a coin fair. The reason: the world’s first colour coin. The professional world despised colours, but the market was thrilled. This is Ursula’s little story about how colours found their way onto coins.

A Big “Maple Leaf”, But Not a “Big Maple Leaf”

The Royal Canadian Mint launches its largest-ever version of its bullion coin, the Gold Maple Leaf. The 10kg Gold Maple Leaf captures every detail of the 1 oz gold bullion coin it celebrates. Of course, it is not to be confused with the 100kg “Big Maple Leaf”.

Mint Industry – A New Platform For the Global Coin Producing Industry

A platform to raise awareness and provide solid-proof facts about the coin minting industry and its products – that is the aim of Mint Industry, a new website created by the Mint Directors Conference.

smartminting© – The Next Generation

At the World Money Fair 2020, CIT Coin Invest presented the first product of a new generation of smartminting© coins: now, coins can be produced with even higher relief on both sides, in a variety of metals, and featuring new designs never achieved before.

Majestic Eagle

With the mini series “Majestic Eagle”, CIT Coin Invest presents the significantly enhanced smartminting© technology: the highest points of the high relief are no longer determined by technical necessity, but rather by the artist’s creative preference.

EVA Celebrates 25 Years

The European Vending Association celebrated its 25th anniversary. Representing the European vending, EVA has become an important reference for all mints who develop new circulation coins: After all, coins are expected to work smoothly with vending machines.