Wednesday, 25.11.2020

Tag: Greece (Contemporary)

Bank of Greece Dedicates Collector Coin to “Myrtis”

In 430 BC a 11-year-old Greek girl died in Athens during an epidemic. Archaeologists found her skull calling the girl “Myrtis”. The remains were particularly well preserved permitting a recreation of her facial features. Greece dedicates a €5 silver collector coin to “Myrtis”.

Greece Commemorates Battle of Thermopylae

On 31 March Greece has issued a 2 euro coin dedicated to the Battle of Thermopylae 2,500 years ago. The coin features a Greek helmet to remember the encounter between Greeks and Persians.

Greece’s Numismatic Programme 2020

Greece has announce the numismatic programme of 2020: collector coins will feature the Persian Wars and battles of ancient Greece, 2 euro commemorative circulation coins will be dedicated to the Battle of Thermopylae and the Acquisition of Thrace.