Friday, 2023.03.24
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Collectible Treasures: 2-Euro Commemorative Coins from Spain

Spain is a popular vacation destination and the country’s coins are just as popular among collectors. Our expert numiscontrol explains which 2-euro commemorative coins are likely to increase in value and where to find them – and what traps to avoid!

Beautiful and Rare: 2-euro Commemorative Coins from Slovenia

Slovenian 2-euro commemorative coins are hardly ever found in circulation, but they are great collectibles: our author considers them to be among the most beautiful coins in the entire eurozone. Numiscontrol will tell you everything else you need to know.

Always Rare: 2-Euro Commemorative Coins from Slovakia

Slovakia’s 2-euro commemorative issues are few and far between, and they are hardly ever found in circulation. Nonetheless, the beautifully designed coins can be an ideal start for euro collectors and offer genuine potential. Our expert numiscontrol explains why.

“Financial Literacy” is Latvia’s New 2 Euro Commemorative Coin

Financial literacy is the capability of taking care of one’s own economic situation. Latvijas Banka marks the importance of the subject by issuing a 2 euro commemorative coin dedicated to “Financial Literacy”.

Estonia’s 2-Euro Coin to Ukraine’s Freedom

Estonia’s Central Bank is planning to issue a 2-euro coin dedicated to the Ukraine and its struggle for freedom. The coin was designed by a young Ukrainian refugee who is studying at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

How to Collect 2 Euro Coins from Portugal

Outside the country, 2 euro commemorative coins from Portugal are rare to find in wallets. What’s the best way to collect these issues? And what should collectors keep in mind? Our author numiscontrol has the answers.

Look for These Dutch 2 Euro Commemorative Coins!

Dutch 2 euro pieces are not rare in Central European purses. But which pieces should collectors look for? And can they still be found in circulation? Our author numiscontrol shares the answers with us.

The rarest 2 Euro Coins from Malta

Euro coins from Malta are rarely found in circulation. This makes them all the more collectible. Which 2 euro commemorative coins has Malta issued so far? And which coins are likely to increase in value? Our author numiscontrol shares the answers with us.

These 2 Euro Commemorative Coins from Luxembourg Are Perfect Starters

Luxembourg’s commemorative coins tend to scare off collectors due to their high prices on online marketplaces. But some low-budget items have actual potential! Our author numiscontrol explains what pieces you should buy right now.

When Will France’s New Motif Be Depicted on 1 Euro Coins?

France has given its circulation coins a new look: after 20 years, a completely new motif is to replace the tree on 2 euro coins. On 1 euro coins not yet, though.